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Terrakinesis in Strange Attractors (2).JPG
Samuel Sullivan brings down a police station.
Originally held by: Sparrow Redhouse,
Samuel Sullivan
Absorbed by: Peter Petrelli (lost)
Ability to: Manipulate and control geologic materials such as dirt and rocks
Examples of terrakinesis

Terrakinesis is the ability to control geologic materials such as minerals, dirt and rocks.



Sparrow Redhouse

Sparrow Redhouse has demonstrated proficient control over this ability. She states that she could only use the ability when touching the earth, but after she falls from Flight 195, Sparrow develops the capability of summoning the earth without touching it. She used this to summon the earth to "catch" her from her fall (Rebellion, Part 2). She has also been able to summon rocks from the ground and control them, as well as use the earth to "push" objects into the air (Rebellion, Part 2). Sparrow stated she was not capable of summoning earth in the city before Flight 195 because of asphalt (Rebellion, Part 2). At times, Sparrow's eyes glow when using her powers (Rebellion, Part 2). Sparrow has also shown the ability to create stone bridges (Rebellion, Part 4), as well as massive arms made of rock (Rebellion, Part 5). Sparrow can also use the power to travel long distances as she used it to travel from the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. on a massive trail of dirt (Rebellion, Part 7).

Samuel Sullivan

At Joseph Sullivan's funeral, Samuel was able to move dirt to cover his brother's grave, moving only a little at a time. He is also able to control a certain type of mineral-based ink, using it to form a tattoo of a hand and choke Edgar (Orientation). He used his ability over ink three times on Lydia, to find Hiro and Danko (Orientation), and then to see Claire, Sylar, and Peter (Jump, Push, Fall). He also showed Hiro a tattoo of a compass that spins wildly. Samuel can absorb the ink into himself in order to transport it. He used that ink to create a compass tattoo on Peter, being able to control it later from a distance and has enough fine control over it to add an identifiable image of himself in one of Peter's newspaper scraps. He was also able to create a massive sinkhole underneath his birth home, destroying it utterly after being brushed off by the current residents (Ink).

Samuel displays his vast control over terrakinesis when he completely destroyed a police station leaving nothing but dust (Strange Attractors), and also possesses enough fine control to manipulate multiple stone shards at once (Brother's Keeper). Samuel can also wield rocks in a similar manner to telekinesis, levitating and propelling them. He used this to kill Joseph by propelling a rock through his throat (Thanksgiving). When battling Sylar, Samuel was able to create a whirlwind of earth to heavily damage him and render him unconscious. Like Sparrow, Samuel's power can work through asphalt (Close to You). He can manipulate the earth even while being held above the ground (Let It Bleed).

Mohinder learns from his father's research and from consulting with Joseph Sullivan that the magnitude of Samuel's ability is increased when in close proximity to a large number of evolved humans (Brother's Keeper). Joseph and Samuel both indicate that Samuel can sense it on some level and that's why he surrounds himself with so many people at the carnival. Joseph says that if his power is amplified enough, he can destroy whole cities, even mountains (Thanksgiving). Samuel proves this when he pulls an entire town into the earth (Pass/Fail) and also in Angela's dreams when he creates an earthquake that destroys Central Park and kills thousands of people had Peter not stopped him.

Samuel also seems to be able to feel the force which surrounds evolved humans. He tells Chris, Gail and Bo LoFontaine that he has "sensed" The Watcher and knows that he is strong. He describes this force as a "pull" that "few others do" have. (Slow Burn Chapter 9)

How close to other specials Samuel needs to be to make use of the force is unclear- he is able to destroy an entire town when the carnival is nearby, but with as few as four other specials scattered in the carnival grounds, his ability is nearly unusable (Brave New World). He also requires active concentration to use his powers on a large scale, as shown when Peter hits him with a flying tackle, stopping him from causing the earth to swallow Central Park and everyone in it.

Peter Petrelli

After hitting Samuel with a flying tackle, Peter replicates this ability from Samuel. Peter is able to hold his own in battle against Samuel as he has the same version of terrakinesis; it is enhanced when other evolved humans are around and is weakened when they are not. (Brave New World)

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"You can move the earth, Samuel. But it’s more than that. Cities, mountains. You have the power to kill millions."

- Joseph (to Samuel) (Thanksgiving)

"Love what you've done to the place, there are a lot more people in here. It's going to make me a lot more powerful."

"No, it makes me more powerful!"

- Sylar, Samuel (Let It Bleed)


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