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Theory:Angela Petrelli

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The following fan theories are about Angela Petrelli.

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Theory Citations Notes
Angela and Adam are Nathan's true parents. None Nathan could easily be thirty (he, or Sylar posing as him, was President in Five Years Gone and without laws changing one must be thirty-five to become President).
Although it's implied that Nathan will become President through the death of the current President, if he's not 35, he would be ineligible and the Presidency would pass down the line of succession.

- Arthur bears a strong family resemblance to Nathan, strongly implying a close biological relationship between the two.
- War Buddies, Part 5 implies that Nathan was born before Arthur and Angela ever met Adam.

The agents of the Company do not realize that Angela has a power. None + When Noah returns to help find the Level 5 escapees, he states that he needs a partner, saying "You know how it works: One of us, one of them." Angela responds with "I have the perfect one of them in mind."
- She was speaking of field agents in general. HRG is "one of us" (the non-powered agents), Sylar is "one of them" (evolved human agents).

Angela is one of the company's founders and presumably keeps a low profile.
Angela's non-combative power would never be needed on the field.

Angela Petrelli is Matt Parkman's birth mother. None + Matt's mother is only mentioned in passing, when Matt accuses Maury of abandoning them, but never named.

+ Maury would have no reason to stay with the woman who is not the mother of his son.
+ There is a significant age gap between Nathan and his brother Peter.
+ There is a passing resemblance between Matt, Nathan, and Peter.
- The timeline of events according to graphic novel, War Buddies places Arthur and Linderman in Vietnam at the time of Matt's birth, before the Group of Twelve is formed and presumably, Maury and Angela had yet to meet.
+ Arthur's absence at this time allows Angela to carry a child to term leaving Arthur none the wiser.
+ Angela knows how to fight Matt's telepathic probing in Cautionary Tales. This means she likely has fought off another telepath, like Maury.

- Angela has had much experience from Arthur's own probing.
Angela is mother of Isaac Mendez. None Isaac's mother is unknown, they both share a similar power (precognition), they both live in New York, Carlos Mendez was one of the Company's founders. Peter hated Isaac which would be a connection.

- The Petrelli family would have noticed Angela being pregnant, since Isaac was younger than Nathan.

Angela was romantically involved with Victoria Pratt. None + Victoria had no husband or children.
- Neither did Linderman.

+ Angela was highly protective of Victoria's secrets. She thought Victoria's private life and whereabouts were none of Matt Parkman's business, perhaps because she and Victoria were involved.

- Matt wasn't a Company founder, but Angela was. The Company founders knew where to look for each other for case they needed to contact.

+ Victoria preferred solitude and distanced herself from the other founders, yet Angela knew where to find her. Perhaps after Arthur, she sought companionship. It would explain how she knew about her children.

- Adam knew about Victoria's whereabouts as well. Does that imply he slept with her? Besides, they were the Company founders.
- Sure the Company knew everything about the children of its founders.

+ Angela had been involved with Kaito and possibly Charles Deveaux as indicated in 1961, it is not inconceivable she was with Victoria.

- A single dance doesn't count as a romance, and nothing suggests Angela at least danced with Victoria.

- There is no proof Angela is bisexual.
+ Angela seemed close to her friend, Millie.

- There is no proof they were more than friends. And even if they were more than friends, it doesn't mean that there was ever a relationship between her and Victoria, or even that Victoria was gay.
- If a woman has a female friend, does that mean they are lesbians?

+ When Heidi was at the hospital in Four Months Ago, Angela caressed her hair and appeared to be sexually threatening her.

- Angela wasn't threatening Heidi at all, she was manipulating her.
+ We've known Angela for a long long time now, we just found out that she has a sister, why not finding out she had a bisexual relationship with Victoria?
- Because it's unneeded.
+ With all the claims of homophobia regard Heroes due to Zach and April?
Zach is NOT gay.
He was supposed to be, but the producers of Sarah Connor Chronicles said no.
Angela's possible relationship with Victoria and Kaito happened after Arthur's death. None + Angela seemed to love her husband a great deal.

+ Her anger towards him occurred after she found out what he was.
- He was only believed to be dead for less than two years before the start of the first episode. She said she hadn't slept with Kaito for a long time.

- Arthur "died" in the flashback to six months ago in the first Season. Nathan shows up on Peter's doorstep and tells him that "dad died of a heart attack this morning."

+ Kaito was devoted to his wife, why would he risk Arthur's wrath and her pain by sleeping with Angela?
+ Grief is a powerful motivator. Losing their spouses could have caused them to look elsewhere.
+ Regarding Victoria see points above.

Angela sided with Linderman over NY because of the other possible futures. None + The future of the explosion future only killed a few million people, the outbreak future killed around 93% of the worlds population and the exposed future caused the world to break apart.
Angela didn't love Arthur. None + She cheated on him with Kaito.

+ When Angela discovered that he is, in fact, alive, her demeanor was one of surprise and fear, rather than any sort of relief or joy.

- That's because the last time she saw him, she'd tried to kill him (and thought she'd succeeded).

- On the contrary, Angela seemed to love Arthur very much. (Villains)

+ It is possible she fell out of love with him after she learned that he tried to kill their son.

- She refers to him as "the man [she] loved".

It's possible that her use of the past tense wasn't referring to the fact that he was dead, but implying that she had fallen out of love with him by the time of his death.

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