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Theory:Bianca Karina

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The following fan theories are about Bianca Karina.

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Theory Citations Notes
Sylar has gained Bianca's ability of lung adaptation. None + Sylar killed her in The Butterfly Effect.

+ Although Sylar broke her neck, believing Gael to be the evolved human and not Bianca, he did not do any direct damage to her brain, and Sylar has been seen to be able to steal powers from brains that have already shut down, as he most likely did with James Walker.
- The graphic novel clearly shows that Sylar drove off without making any attempt to gain her power.

Bianca could adapt her lungs to survive the effects of Maya's ability. None It is unknown at to whether Maya's ability has any effects to a person's lungs.
Bianca is the one who captured Tina Ramierez. None + Bianca's ability would be perfect for fighting against Tina's ability.
Bianca could adapt her lungs to breath in space. None This would require her to be able to use anaerobic breathing.

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