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Lung adaptation

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Lung adaptation
Bianca fighting The German in a fog of poisonous gas.
Held by: Bianca Karina (deceased)
Ability to: Adapt one's lungs to any environment

Lung adaptation is the ability to adapt one's lungs to any environment.



Bianca is able to stay underwater for over two and half hours (Berlin, Part 1). She has also demonstrated that she is capable of breathing through gas (Berlin, Part 2). Devin claims that Bianca can "adapt her lungs to any environment," but it is currently unknown the full extent of her adaptability besides breathing underwater and through choking gas.

It is not clear whether Bianca actually breathes in any environment or if she just holds her breath. Her lead in the assignment tracker map indicates that she can hold her breath for any period of time, and also claims that she can breathe underwater.


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