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Theory:Chandra Suresh

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The following fan theories are about Chandra Suresh.

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Theory Citations Notes
Chandra Suresh isn't dead. None + Before his "death" he said he thought people were watching him and this may have been a way of escaping. Mohinder said in Collision that when he went to claim him he was shown three John Does before his father and Chandra was misfiled. His body was turned to ashes removing any way of determining whether it was really him.

- Mohinder witnesses Chandra's murder through Sanjog's power.

+ Unless Sanjog definitely has clairvoyance, he wouldn't know what really happened. He could have shown Mohinder what Chandra wanted him to see if Sanjog were with Chandra, which would explain how he knew about the conversation with Chandra's wife without clairvoyance.
- Sanjog's dreams have been shown to be uncannily real and truthful, such as the dreams that reveal Shanti's past existence and the password to Chandra's list.
- Sylar's watch was even broken at 11:53, as it was in real life.
+ Chandra could have asked Sanjog to show Mohinder in order to stop Mohinder from pursuing Chandra.
- Mohinder wasn't pursuing Chandra.

- Mohinder had his father's ashes and scattered them. (Seven Minutes to Midnight)

+ There's no way to prove that the ashes are really Chandra's.

- Sylar agrees with Mohinder when Mohinder says that he killed his father. (Parasite)
- Chandra being alive goes against every bit of detail that the writers have presented us. It would be a horrible twist and the writers would never sink to something so nonsensical.
- In one of the earliest conversations with Eden, Mohinder says "I just identified his body this morning".

Chandra Suresh had the ability of intuitive aptitude. None + Assuming Sylar's real power is the ability to steal abilities from some type of emotional response, rather than examining the brain, being around Chandra could explain how he developed intuitive aptitude.

+ HRG has stated that Sylar's power is the ability to transfer powers from one vessel to another.
- Chandra would have definitely noticed if he himself had an ability, he spent too much time working on that not to notice.
- Chandra never exhibited the hunger which comes as a side effect of the ability.

+ Avid pursuit of a phenomenon in order to comprehend it to the point of sacrificing one's love for their family and their career is normal behaviour?

- Unlike Chandra himself, Sylar immediately knew that Chandra's watch was broken.

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