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Sanjog Iyer

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Sanjog Iyer
Sanjog iyer.jpg
Portrayed by Javin Reid
First appearance Seven Minutes to Midnight
In-story stats
Known ability Dream manipulation
Formal name Iyer Sanjog
Age 11
Home Chennai, India

Sanjog Iyer is a mysterious boy who has the ability to enter people's dreams and alter their perceptions.

Character History

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Sanjog visits Mohinder twice as Mohinder dozes off in his father's office at the Chennai University. His name is also found on a file that was hidden in a locked drawer in Chandra's desk.


In Chennai, Mohinder and Nirand attempt to locate Sanjog. Eventually, a street vendor directs them to him. He is playing with a soccer ball with a group of other kids. Mohinder approaches him and asks about the dreams, hoping the boy can tell him what to do, but Sanjog merely tells him he already knows the answer.

Back in Chandra's office, Mohinder has another dream, in which he sees his father trying to persuade Nirand about Sanjog's abilities. The setting of the dream shifts and Mohinder watches a conversation he had with his father when he offered his assistance with the research, but was rebuffed by his father. Sanjog appears before Mohinder and tells him that he has his answer.

Graphic Novel:History of a Secret

Sanjog visits Abu Aswan in his dreams. Sanjog shows him that his ancestor Khufu shared his power, but knew better than to anger the gods so he kept it a secret. When his kin were arrogant and displayed their powers, the Pharaoh had them punished with a stoning. Abu tells Sanjog he doesn't want to live in a place where he is punished for who he is, but Sanjog tells Abu that there is no escaping the life he was meant to live and that he should respect the secret that has remained throughout generations.

Graphic Novel:Pieces of Me

Sanjog visits Ryan Covington in his dreams. Ryan asks if Sanjog has the answers he needs and they discuss the connection between dreams and reality. Sanjog leads Ryan to a dream castle, where Ryan would eventually fall to his death. Sanjog visits Ryan again, and tells Ryan that what happens in dreams should remain there, and suggests that he focus on the life he still has.

Graphic Novel:Different and the Same

Sanjog visits Piper in her dreams. In what appears to be the woods at night, Sanjog tells Piper that he means her no harm. Then, when lights appear from the sky he tells Piper that they are here, that they know Piper is special and want to know her secrets. He adds that she must look within herself, and that it can protect her from them. Later, Sanjog approaches Piper while she is strapped down in a Company facility. When she calls out for help, he tells her she doesn't need his help. He stretches out his left arm and puts Piper's glasses on her head so she can see clearly, then tells Piper she has only to look to her past.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sanjog has the ability of dream manipulation. Sanjog causes Mohinder to relive a scene from his past, to witness two scenes at which neither Mohinder nor Sanjog was present, and to interact with Sanjog via a soccer ball encounter. It is not clear which individual is ultimately in control of the progress of the dream.

According to Chandra Suresh's file on the boy, his ability is to "enter your dreams, alter your perceptions—a kind of spirit guide". This fits with Sanjog's description of his powers: he claims he does not actively seek out those whose dreams he alters—instead, those with questions needing to be answered come to him.

Memorable Quotes

"You came to me in my dream last night."

"I don't come to anyone. They come to me."

"Why? Why do they come to you?"

"They have questions that need answers."

- Mohinder, Sanjog (Homecoming)


  • Official documents in Southern India often write the proper name as the family name (Iyer) first followed by the individual's name (Sanjog). In Western nations, the proper name is written as the Individual name followed by the Family Name, and categorized as "Family Name, Individual Name". In the file seen in Seven Minutes to Midnight, the text at the top of the file is "Sanjog, Iyer", which appears to use Western categorization style on an Indian proper name, with the net written result of "Individual Name, Family Name".
  • Sanjog appears on the interactive map on; however, his name is misspelled "Sanjop".
  • In a Q&A article, Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski admit that the graphic novels which feature Sanjog were not their creation: "As we moved further into the Writers Strike, the studio made the call to keep going on with the stories without speaking to the writers. They were written by replacement writers or 'scabs' who used the Writers Strike as an opportunity to further their own careers (insert your own judgments here). So things like the Sanjog arc or 'Ben Franklin as a Hero' that so had nothing to do with us."


  • Sanjog is an Indian name that means "coincidence".
  • The name Iyer is also known as "Ayer". Ayers Rock is a large rock formation in Australia, which is often called Uluṟu.
  • The script on Sanjog's shirt is the Hare Krishna mantra written in Devanagari.


Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Sanjog Iyer for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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