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Theory:Explosion future

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The following fan theories are about the "explosion future".

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Theory Citations Notes
The "explosion future" will still happen, but not in exactly the same way. None + Candice and D.L. have already died, and Molly could die for some unknown reason.
It is not known whether Molly is killed in the "explosion future" or not.
- Sylar has neither of their powers.
+ Sylar now has shape shifting, which is a suitable replacement for Candace's illusions.

+ Issac's visions of New York in ruins may be inevitable. Future Hiro changed one version of it by saving the cheerleader, however events set in motion bring similar results. String Theory confirms that certain events still link together.

- Peter exploded without destroying New York.

+ In the "explosion future," Noah once again works at the Primatech Paper building. In the present day, he is in charge of the new Company.

- Noah is faithful to Angela and Nathan Petrelli, but he no longer works for the Company.

+ Sylar has taken Claire's ability.

- Claire didn't die.
+ It is unknown whether or not Claire dies in the Five Years Gone future.

+ The Department of Homeland Security was capturing evolved humans.

- They stopped early.

+ Nathan Petrelli is working his way up in the government.

- Nathan's plans have been side tracked by Danko exposing his powers and hunting him. (Shades of Gray)

+ Mohinder has been asked to help remove abilities from evolved humans.
+ If Matt's drawing from Cold Wars happens, then there will be an explosion similar to the one which sparked the hunt for evolved humans.
+ Noah is betraying the US government again, similar to the underground railroad he was part of in the future.
+ Sylar has now killed Nathan, and is "living" Nathan's life, as he states in the future to Peter.

- Sylar thinks he really is Nathan.
- He does not anymore.

- Niki is dead.
+ Noah and Sandra are divorced.
- Ted's power is lost. Sylar lost it to the Shanti virus and Peter lost it to his father, who Sylar killed. There is no person with the ability to destroy New York.

It was Peter who exploded in the "explosion future" in which Hiro stabbed Sylar and he regenerated. Sylar didn't explode. None - Future Hiro believes Sylar was the bomb.
+ Hiro was knocked out after stabbing Sylar. He didn't watch the explosion. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

+ Sylar has great control of his abilities. He wouldn't explode unintentionally.

- Sylar believed he must explode. (The Hard Part)

+ In the "explosion future," everyone believes Sylar was the bomb, but the bomb was Peter. This could happen in the other future too.

+ It could be the reason why the explosion still occurs after Future Hiro meets Peter in the subway. (String Theory).

+ In the "explosion future," Nathan lied to protect Peter. He could do it in the other Future too.

By 'saving the world', the series' protagonists are postponing and escalating an inevitable disaster. None + In the "explosion future," millions die in New York when Sylar/Peter explodes. When this is avoided, 93% of the world's population is killed by a deadly virus less than a year later.
Kensei was already planning to release the virus. ("Four Months Ago")

+ In the "exposed future," the planet will be destroyed. So every time a hero saves the day, a worst future waits.

- Releasing the virus might have been the only event to successfully prevent this future before Peter went to the past. In stopping the virus and destroying the catalyst, the Heroes have successfully prevented both events from occuring.

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