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Noah Bennet (explosion future)

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Noah Bennet
Future bennet.jpg
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
First appearance Five Years Gone
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 49
Date of birth August 6, 1962
Date of death November 8, 2011
(killed by Director Parkman)
Home Odessa, TX
Occupation Former agent of the Company
Significant other Sandra Bennet (estranged)
Children Claire Bennet (adopted),
Lyle Bennet

In the Explosion Future, Noah Bennet operates an "underground railroad" from the old Primatech Paper Co. building in Odessa, TX. With the help of Hana Gitelman, he helps evolved humans hide from the authorities.

Character History

Five Years Gone

In the old Primatech Paper Co. building in Odessa, TX, Mr. Bennet meets a family of three who have a special child. He administers a blood test that proves the child has special powers, then gives them a supply of a chemical that will cause a false negative on the test. Hana provides new identities for them. The family wonders if they will ever be safe, but Bennet knows that that is an impossibility.

Ando and Future Hiro arrive to try to find help freeing Hiro from Homeland Security. Bennet refuses to endanger the people he promised to protect, but seems to change his mind when the two reveal that they know of Claire's survival.

Bennet leaves Future Hiro and Ando and goes to the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX, where he warns Claire that her survival has been discovered, and tells her she needs to flee immediately. Claire refuses, but Bennet leaves a package for her anyway, in case she changes her mind.

Bennet returns to the Primatech building, where Homeland Security agents are recovering from Future Hiro's capture and subsequent escape. However, it had been Bennet himself that had turned the two in. He had struck a deal with Matt Parkman: Parkman allows Bennet to hide harmless evolved humans from the government as long as he turns in the dangerous ones. Matt also happens to be keeping Claire's status a secret, as Bennet hides Matt's own child. However, Bennet sees a dead Hana, and realizes that it is a double cross, but is pinned down before he can do anything. Matt claims that he cannot go back to the President empty handed, as now there are two Hiros and one of them got away. Matt then reads Bennet's mind to discover the location of Claire, and then kills a heartbroken Bennet.



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