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Theory:Linda Tavara

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The following fan theories are about Linda Tavara.

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Theory Citations Notes
Linda was hired by the Pinehearst Company. None + We don't know what organization hired Linda.

+ The Pinehearst company seems to want to create an evolved human army. Linda would've been the perfect candidate for the team had this been the case.
+ This would also explain why they wanted Linda to hunt down evolved humans. Though they may not have foreseen her betrayal.
- It is likely Pinehearst was formed after Arthur left the Company. Linda began working long before the Company was formed.
- Linda Tavara could have been working for Yamagato Industries.

Linda was Arthur's illegitimate younger half sister. None + It could explain their similar abilities.

- They clearly have different ethnic origins.

+ Arthur's father may have had an affair, hence illegitimate half sister.
+ Linda's notebook has a page for Arthur Petrelli with his address. It would be likely for her to have this if she knew she was Arthur Petrelli's sister.
- Linda was tracking down evolved humans to take their abilities; she wasn't looking for long lost relatives.
+ It makes sense that Angela would know his parentage, if Sylar is her nephew.
She could know that through her ability, or Company resources or files...
Linda had acquired multiple powers. A statement made by her former employer Ferguson. + This could explain how she could have survived Linderman's attack.

+ She brought in a girl called Pamela and a mechanic.

- Bringing them in means she didn't kill them, meaning that if they had abilities, she didn't take them.

+ Ferguson said many of the people she tracked ended up missing or dead.
+ This could explain why Linda's informant stated that many of her targets when missing.
+ Linda used her power on the informant.

- Linda attacked her informant cause she was about to fire her, making it harder for her to find people with abilities. Just because Linda can take abilities by killing, it doesn't mean she kills only people with abilities.
Linda acquired memories and skills as well as powers. "I could feel everything, their hopes, their dreams for the future, while they no longer felt anything at all. Their spark belonged to me now." (Moonlight Serenade) + Linda's skills as an investigator are highly developed for a 21 year old.

+ Linda's statement implies she learns as she drains the life force from her victims.

- Sounds like she feels like she knows things, rather than gains any actual memories or skills.

- She assumed Linderman could self heal. If aura absorption means acquiring another's memories, when she absorbed her informant she would know this is not the case.

+ Perhaps the informant, did not know the full extent of Linderman's abilities.
Linda wanted to absorb Linderman's healing ability so she could use it in conjunction with mediumship to bring back the dead. None + Linda claims that when she steals Linderman's power she will be unstoppable. Given the fact that healing is not a particularly powerful ability on its own and that it appears to be associated with ability immunity, she must have had some sort of ulterior motive for his power.
- By his own admission, Linderman can't bring back the dead.
+ Linderman may not have been able to, but he did not possess mediumship. Linda did possess that power, and it's possible that she could use that in combination with healing to bring back the dead.
- Mediumship as it was shown can only see the dead, in no logical way it can be used with a healing ability to restore someone's life.
+ How so? If one could see the dead, they may be able to see a way to restore them to their physical bodies.
- Not much is known about the "angels" Ida and Linda could see, but apparently they aren't made of organic matter and therefore can't be healed.

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