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Linda's notebook

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Linda's notebook
Linda's notebook.jpg

First mentioned: War Buddies, Part 7
Owned by: Linda Tavara
Current status: taken by Linderman after Linda's death

Linda keeps a notebook with important information about the people she tracks.


Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 7

After Linderman heals a deer, Linda scribbles something in her notebook and says that what Linderman did is amazing. Later, Linda attacks him but is incapacitated, and Linderman takes her notebook. He reads his own name, his location, and his ability. He leaves the camp, studying another name in the notebook: "Arthur Petrelli, New York City, NY".

Graphic Novel:Bounty Hunter

Linda is hired by a mysterious woman to locate certain individuals. She hands Linda a notebook and tells her that everything needed to find the individuals is contained in the notebook. Four weeks after locating some individuals, Linda gains the dossier of her next target, Daniel Linderman, and adds its information to her notebook as she proceeds to Centennial Airport to find him.



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