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Theory:Evolved humans in general

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Theories about evolved humans in general

The following fan theories are about evolved humans in general.

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The reason so many of the characters are interconnected, especially romantically involved, is down to subconscious recognition of the same trait, as such they are attracted to one another, as the first step of speciation. None + Many of the characters seem to be happy when they find another person who has powers as well.

This might be due to finding someone similar to them then having a romantic connection with the person.
+ It is often considered a biological imperative to reproduce and propagate a species.
This could also be fate.
+ Chandra Suresh discovered a mysterious "force" coming from evolved humans. This force could attract them to each other.

Evolved humans may belong to two or more races or "species". None There is a great variety of powers, and one could assume a great variety of genetic differences between the evolved.

- If 'evolved' humans were a different species, then the children of one evolved parent and one normal parent would be sterile, by the definition of what a species is.
- Micah has powers that are complete different from his parents and this appears to be shared by other characters, like Claire.

Evolved humans may be separated between a "bad species" represented by Sylar and a "good species" represented by other characters. None There is a lot of religious symbolism in Heroes.
+ Have people separated in two sides could easily be compared by having "angels" and "demons" fighting a war.
+ This 'good versus evil' battle can be seen in How To Stop An Exploding Man, where Sylar (an 'evil' character) faces off against all of the 'good' characters in Kirby Plaza.
- Angela, Bob, Linderman and Arthur used to be "good species", but they somehow became corrupted.

- The terms 'good' and 'bad' can be disputed, as nearly all of the characters in Heroes have made morally ambiguous decisions, i.e. is Noah Bennet 'bad' for killing Ivan to protect his family?

Noah isn't an evolved human.
The only way to have different powers is being or become a Chimera. None + Chimeras have two sets of DNA, each set could give the person a power.

+ This explains a lot about Sylar.

- Sylar naturally has one power, others he simply absorbed.

- Many powers appear to be related with the personality of the individual.

+ Still it would be possibly to have two or more powers who fit the same personality.

+ This might explain Niki/Jessica.

- They had one power.
There is only one underlying power, which is used differently by the evolved humans. All evolved humans have the same, single mutation. It's hard to see how variations of a mutation could generate such incredibly different powers. The core power would have to be some sort of fundamental access by their minds to an underlying level of reality.

+ Peter and Sylar are able to take on other's powers, Peter through no physical action.
+ Children of evolved humans often have completely different powers. Only the Parkmans have thus far shown obvious power inheritance.
- The powers are often very different. It's difficult to imagine a core power which could generate both time travel and healing.
- Some powers seem to be "smarter" than their wielders. Micah can control machines he has never seen or studied. This suggests the powers access some level of intelligence outside of the heroes.
+ Powers seem to develop based on what the evolved human has the greatest need for. Parkman's telepathy helped him as a cop, Claire's regeneration is linked to her being injury-prone, D.L.'s ability to pass through walls got him out of prison, Sylar's intuitive aptitude helped him analyze and fix watches, etc.

It is possible the powers determine the personality, not vice versa.

+ It could be that the genetic mutation which all evolved humans share somehow interacts with other portions of the person's DNA, restructuring itself based on the adaptations it finds.

Evolved humans' powers manifest to either match their owners' personalities or to fulfil their owners' ambitions. None + Peter Petrelli has on various occasions demonstrated being able to understand other people's feelings and had been criticized for "caring too much". This type of personality matches the ability of empathic mimicry perfectly.

+ A police officer insulted Niki while questioning D.L. He became so enraged that he wanted to kill the officer. He phased through the handcuffs and nearly succeeded. Later he was able to walk phase through the prison walls.
+ Micah Sanders was intelligent from a very young age. He was always adept at handling and dissembling electronic technology. The power of technopathy matches his interests and skills perfectly.
+ Hiro Nakamura felt his life was spiraling out of control. He concentrated on a clock and wanted it all to stop, just stop. As a result he froze time for the first time.

+ Tim Kring admitted he made Hiro's power space-time manipulation to let the character teleport away from his boring life.

+ Charlie Andrews is a waitress and enhanced memory will help her a great deal in taking her customers' orders.

- Charlie's ambition was to travel around the world.

+ Betty is an obese girl who wants to hide her true from.
+ Sylar is a watchmaker, and his ability helps him to understand how clocks work.
+ Linderman's mother was sick. Her sickness may be the reason to his ability.
+ Matt Parkman is an officer whose marriage is in danger. He used his power to understand his wife's concerns, and also the actions of the criminals he faces in his job.
+ Isaac Mendez was a skilled artist. It is hardly a coincidence that he developed the ability of precognition that involved painting.
- Mohinder Suresh stated that every human's DNA is coded differently, and that this is what determines an evolved human's ability.

+ It is not yet fully understood or proven whether personality is stored in DNA. If it is not, then according to Mohinder's statements, an evolved human's ability cannot be decided by personality, ambition, or need.
The Croatian is the person Bob was talking about in Out of Time. Bob mentions a person apprehended in Miami in Out of Time. + Both this person and the Croatian may possess the ability of weather control.

+ Both have been apprehended by the Company.
- That is most likely Albert Rosling, an agent within the Company.

Having a specific genetic makeup and gene markers in combination with a triggering event i.e. eclipse, adrenaline release, and genetic modification formula is not the only way to utilize an ability. Sylar's intuitive aptitude allows him to acquire new abilities by understanding how they work. + A correlation between understanding how something works and DNA encoding has not been established. A mechanism that would allow Sylar to re-arrange his DNA and genetic material to allow for newly understood powers has not been shown or described. Peter's DNA has been confirmed to be mosaic and self adapting, on the other hand.
Late generations of evolved humans have more powerful abilities than early ones, or have abilities with more aspects. None + The whole idea of evolution is to strengthen the species.

+ Matt developed his telepathy in the ways his father never did.
+ Jeremy could both heal and kill, while Linderman and Ishi could only heal.
+ Claire cannot feel pain, while Adam always could.
It is unknown what ancient evolved humans were capable of; poor record-keeping (as well as the inevitable distortion of multiple re-tellings) makes it very difficult to separate facts from exaggerations and outright lies.

All evolved humans are attracted to other evolved humans more than normal humans. Several coincidences. + Relationships between evolved humans are Claire and West, D.L. and Niki, Hiro and Charlie, Mohinder (as soon as he got his powers) and Maya, Nathan and Niki/Meridith/Tracy, Matt and Daphne, Angela and Arthur, Elle and Sylar...
- West is nowhere to seen.
+ He is with the Rebellion.
- Mohinder and Maya didn't stay together for long.
- Nathan just slept with Niki and Meredith, that doesn't mean they had a relationship.
- Despite being together for forty-one years, Angela didn't hesitate to kill Arthur when she learned of his plans to kill Nathan.

+ Relationships between evolved humans and regular humans tend to break up.

- So do the ones between evolved humans.

+ Chandra Suresh discovered a mysterious "force" coming from evolved humans. This force could also attract them to each other.
+ Nathan lands on the diner where Hiro is. Peter works in the same hospital as Emma.

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