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The following fan theories are about Lydia.

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Theory Citations Notes
Lydia loved Edgar. She saw what Edgar desired in Stolen Fate. + Lydia and Edgar both worked at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival and seemed to dislike what Samuel was doing.
- Similar occupations and views on authority do not constitute a romantic connection.
Since Lydia lived in the carnival, she couldn't have found a love interest elsewhere.

- She had been shown flirting with Sylar.
+ Lydia respected Edgar.

Lydia dated Trevor. None + Trevor resembles Amanda's father.

+ Trevor is arrogant and the kind of man who tries to impress people like Elle.

Trevor acted showy because Elle asked him to demonstrate his powers, it'd be arrogant if he did it of his own accord.

+ Trevor is the right age to be Amanda's father.

- Amanda is a teenager, Trevor looks like he is in his twenties, he's not old enough to be her father.
The actress that plays Amanda is only thirteen years old, it is likely that her character would be the same age. If Trevor was in his late twenties or early thirties (which is not impossible), he may be the right age to be Amanda's father, since we know that Lydia was only a teenager when she became pregnant.
Lydia could take control of other people's abilities and use them as her own. None + Peter and Sylar could both replicate abilities through empathic connections. Lydia's empathy may work similarly, except that she hijacked others' powers instead of copying them.

+ This is how she controlled her tattoos, by using Samuel's power. The fact that Samuel has been surprised by what the tattoos show suggests that she was the one controlling the tattoos.

- Lydia's tattoos could move on their own outside of Samuel's presence.

+ When she had Hiro take her through time, it appeared he couldn't control his power well enough to do it, so she used his power for him.

- Hiro was having some trouble with his ability for quite a time when that happened.

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