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Theory:Maya Herrera

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The following fan theories are about Maya Herrera.

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Isaac is related to Maya and Alejandro. He was their older brother. None + They all speak Spanish. One of the men in the group of twelve photograph was Latino.
- Given the size of the world's Latino population, common racial background or linguistic ability is a poor predictor of family ties. Angela Petrelli and Adam Monroe are both whites who speak English.
Just for the record Angela and Adam come from different ethnic backgrounds, Angela's Italian while Adam is German but the point is still valid.

+ Isaac said to Simone that his power and his paintings were "evil", and repeatedly made statements that indicated his religious convictions. This is mirrored to those exhibited by Maya, who is told by a curandera that her power is a curse, black enough to kill the devil.
- Maya and Alejandro's last name is Herrera. Isaac's last name was Mendez.

It is possible that they share one parent.

- Interpreting these abilities as a curse might be common for people of similar religious heritage, and by itself does not imply a deeper connection.
- Takezo Kensei believed his power was a curse.

Maya is or will become evil. Maya voluntarily uses her power to incapacitate Garcia and Hernandez, knowing that Alejandro can revive them. (Kindred)
Maya voluntarily uses her power to kill a citizen's border patrol, and drives off before Alejandro can revive them. (The Line)
+ The guilt over the death of so many people may cause her to go insane.

+ In fiction, it is common to see a good twin and a evil twin.
Maya was initially very reluctant to use her power at all. However, under Sylar's influence, she has become less so, going so far as to kill a border patrol to enter the U.S. and drive off before Alejandro could begin to revive them.

+ In Truth and Consequences, Maya leaves her brother for Sylar.

- in Powerless, Maya is extremely distraught when she learns of Sylar's true nature.

+ Someone's previous viewpoint on "evil" does not mean they will not become evil. Mohinder is a good example. Even Matt Parkman began to use his powers for his own gain and possibly could have continued down the wrong path had Angela Petrelli not warned him against becoming like his father.

+ Villain's origins often involve the death of a family member.
+ Now that she has control over her powers, her contribution to the show would be almost completely diminished unless she becomes a villain.

- Maya has lost her powers.
- So had Hiro but he got it back by being touched by Baby Matt Cold Snap.
Maya and Alejandro are the children of the Haitian. None + Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located on the same island.

+ The Haitian has a similar power as Alejandro in that he negates the effects of the abilities of others, just as Alejandro negates and sometimes reverses the effects of Maya's ability.
- The Haitian does not look nearly old enough to have 2 kids in their 20s.
- The Haitian was taken in by the Company and moved to the United States when he was a child.

Maya is the mother of Noah Gray, Sylar's son from the exposed future. In Season 2, after Sylar kills Alejandro, he and Maya kiss passionately outside his room. + It is possible that may have lead to sex between the two, and Noah's conception.
+ If Noah Gray is believed to be at least 4 years old in I Am Become Death, it is reasonable to think that he was conceived around the end of Season Two.
- Maya would have never had sex with her dead brother lying near the bed.
They could have always done it in another room.
The sex between the two was never confirmed.

- Noah does not appear to be of Hispanic descent.

Sylar is not of Hispanic descent, thus he could have taken after him.
Dark skin is dominant over light skin, so if Maya had a child with Sylar, it would resemble her skin color more.
Maya will return in Season 4. None + With the return of Mohinder, comes the promise of Maya.

+ This could be a plotline, which leads to Sylar's rebirth.

- There are many ways to bring Sylar back.
- Sylar is alive and therefore does not need to be reborn.

- Maya is a boring character, and now she's powerless. There are other much more interesting characters who aren't brought back no matter what, so why would the writers bring back Maya?
- Mohinder is in love with Mira Shenoy.

He may still have feelings for Maya.
- Matt loved Daphne and didn't mentioned her even once after she died, and went back to his wife and child. Mohinder wasn't as emotionally attached to Maya as Matt was to Daphne. He also hasn't mentioned her in a similarly long time.
+ Things occur off-screen. Also, Matt and Mohinder are two different people, and therefore have different personalities.
- Mohinder already said that when he left Mira, he broke her promise to her, and that he hurt her. Having feelings for someone else would hurt Mira, and Mohinder doesn't want to hurt her again.
+ True, but he may not be able to control himself. People may want to avoid something but prove incapable to do what's "right".

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