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Episode:Truth & Consequences

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Truth & Consequences
Season: Two
Episode number: 210
First aired: November 26, 2007
Truth and Consequences.jpg
Written by: Jesse Alexander
Directed by: Adam Kane
Previous episode: Cautionary Tales
Next episode: Powerless
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Story Development

Victoria Pratt · Shanti virus · The Company's founders · 1977 · Adam Monroe



Peter stands in a littered street of New York. He finds a notice, informing him that he is again in the future. He watches as he and Caitlin are captured by the CDC hazmat crew. Peter starts screaming Caitlin's name. When Adam tells him he doesn't need to yell, Peter finds himself back in the Montreal warehouse. Peter explains he was in the future, and even has an evacuation notice, despite Adam telling Peter that he had never left. Peter tells Adam the virus is named the Shanti virus. Adam tells Peter of a woman named Victoria Pratt who recovered the virus from a young girl thirty years ago and attempted to make it a weapon. Peter suggests that they need to find her.

In her Costa Verde home, Sandra points a gun at Bob, who is holding a urn. He offers his condolences and tells her that Noah has been cremated. He tells them he was attempting to help Claire use her abilities for a greater good, but Noah forced them to take the actions they did, and that Claire will be free to live a normal life. She tells him that now that her father is gone, there is no normal. When he leaves, Sandra tells Claire and Lyle to pack their bags, and that they are moving. Outside the Bennet home, Bob meets with Elle, telling her to keep an eye on Claire. When she complains about her sling, Bob tells her he thought his daughter was tough. She protests that she is, but that she was shot and can't just heal. He blames Elle for the shot, telling her she lowered her guard, and she needs to accept responsibility to regain his trust. She tells him she can, and that she will watch Claire like he asked.

In a room Noah lays dead on a table with blood being transferred into his arm. His eye begins to heal and he springs up from the bed, gasping, only to fall back onto his back to see the blood that is being transferred into him. Mohinder arrives, and Noah asks if Mohinder shot him. He tells Noah he had no choice. When Noah asks why he isn't dead, Mohinder tells him he used Claire's blood to save his life. Angered, Noah tells Mohinder that he has betrayed him. Mohinder then says that Claire is home, grieving her father. Mohinder tells Noah that it was his violence and paranoia that brought them to their current situation. Removing the blood, Mohinder tells Noah that it has the properties of regeneration, and will help him save a woman from the virus. Noah tells him that it's all a lie, that the Company made the virus and has been experimenting with it for thirty years.

Monica, Damon, and Micah talk about Micah selling his books for a comic book. Micah tells Damon that he buys the comics for the stories, prompting Damon to say that he'd sell the comics and live happily ever after. Monica asks why St. Joan wears a hood if she is a good guy. Micah tells her every superhero needs a secret identity, otherwise your enemies would come after you, or even your family. Micah puts his backpack in his room and turns to see Nana and Niki in the kitchen. Niki and Micah talk, and she explains the she went to a place that helps people who are sick. She tells Micah she has a virus, that she can't spread it, but Dr. Suresh is looking for a cure that will make her better. Micah asks what would happen if Dr. Suresh can't find a cure, but Niki insists that he will. Micah tells her he has something that will make her stronger in his backpack, D.L.'s medal. When he goes to get it, he realizes his backpack is missing.

Sylar and Maya relax at Cook Lake.

In Cook Lake, VA, Maya and Sylar drink and discuss being normal. Sylar tells her that after she sees Dr. Suresh, she will be. Maya says that then she and Alejandro would be able to return home, but Sylar suggests that her brother goes home right then. She tells Sylar that she needs him, and that he's the only one that can stop her from killing. Sylar suggests she learns to control her own ability, and that if she loved Alejandro, she would let him go. He pressures Maya to attempt to control her ability, but she suggests they return to Alejandro. He starts telling her that Alejandro has done enough for her, having given up his life for her, losing his wife. She protests that it was an accident. He grabs her, and the two struggle, and when Sylar tells her that Alejandro hates her, her power activates. Sylar falls over, telling her if she can control her power, no more innocent people have to die. She is finally able to suppress her ability. She hugs Sylar, telling him that he was right.

At Yamagato Industries, Hiro and Ando look at a photo of twelve people. He says he needs to find Kensei to get revenge. Ando is skeptical, but Hiro tells him that he saw Kensei on the Deveaux rooftop, just before he pushed Kaito to his death. He asks how Kensei could live for over four hundred years, and Hiro tells him that Kensei could heal from any wound and that perhaps he has also survived time. Hiro realizes that he must have left a trail.

In Searsmont, Maine, Peter and Adam arrive at Victoria Pratt's home, gun in hand. Peter suggests they try a less aggressive approach, but Adam tells him that Victoria cannot be trusted. Peter enters alone, rejecting Adam's offer to take a gun. He finds a woman in her garden, who tells him she has never heard of Victoria Pratt. Peter tells her that he knows she worked for the Company, prompting her to pull out a shotgun and point it at him. He tells her in twenty-four hours the Shanti virus will be released, and that 93% of the world's population will be dead in a year. Curious to how someone could see the future, he tells her that he's been there. He asks for help, and she tells him to go inside her house.

Hiro finds a picture of a young Victoria, Kensei and Kaito. He looks on the back to see that Kensei is going by the name Adam Monroe. Recognizing that name, Ando pulls out a packet with Adam's name on it. Inside they find a paper dated November 2, 1977, which is a order to lock away Adam, signed by Hiro's father, Kaito. Before Ando can convince him otherwise, Hiro teleports himself to that day. At Primatech Research, in 1977, Hiro watches as Adam, restrained by guards, is told by Kaito that he is a traitor. Adam tells Kaito that he tried to save the world; that to release the virus would be good for a world of famine and constant war that disregards the environment. Kaito tells the guards to lock him up and throw away the key. Kaito turns off the alarm and enters a room Victoria is in. She tells Kaito that Adam was looking for Strain 138, a strain powerful enough to start a global pandemic. Kaito thanks her, but she tells him he that he needs to shut down the program. He asks for the strain and tells her he will lock it away at the Odessa, TX facility where it will be safe. She tells him that as long as it exists, they will not be safe. Kaito tells her the other founders would not allow that, and a concerned Victoria tells Kaito that Adam had help. Victoria tells him that she will no longer be a part of the work.

30 years ago, a young Victoria hands Strain 138 over to a young Kaito.

In present Searsmont, Peter is lead inside at gunpoint by Victoria. She tells him she has been expecting someone to come after her. Peter tells her about Caitlin, and how knowing where the virus is will save her. She tells him of the mutated strain that would kill everyone. Peter returns to Adam, and tells him that the virus is in a company storage facility in New Mexico. Adam tells Peter there was never a facility in New Mexico when he is shot by Victoria and thrown back into the windshield of the car. She shoots Peter, who falls back, telling him that if he's working with Adam, she doesn't need to know anything more. About to shoot Adam's head off, Victoria is knocked out by Peter. Adam tells him to bring her up to the house.

Alejandro sits in a hotel looking at a print out of the New York Chronicle about a man, Gabriel Gray, who murdered his mother, when Maya excitedly bursts in and tells him she can control her power without him, thanks to Sylar. He shows Maya the article, but she tells him she doesn't believe him. He tells her they need to leave as Sylar walks in the door. Maya tells him about the article, but tells him she thinks it's not true. However, Sylar admits to it, explaining that his mother thought that his powers made him a monster. He tells her that she tried to kill him, and in defense, he accidentally killed her. When Alejandro calls him a murderer, Maya tells him that she, too, is a murderer. Alejandro attempts to get Maya to leave, but she tells him that she's going to go see Dr. Suresh without him, and with Sylar. She tells him that she knows that he hates her because she killed the woman she loved and that in her heart, she wanted her dead. Angered, he leaves, leaving Sylar to comfort Maya.

Adam ties up Victoria. She tells Peter that he's helping Adam release the virus. Peter tells her he wants to destroy it. She says that thirty years ago, Adam broke into her lab to release the virus, but she stopped him. Now, he's trying to do it again. Adam responds by telling them that he broke into the facility to stop the Company from putting the world in danger. She asks if he killed Kaito, and that if it's now her turn. He tells her he's trying to save lives. Victoria calls Adam a killer, along with Peter since he's helping him, just like his parents. But he responds that what she was a part of is what will kill people. He asks where the strain is, and is able to telepathically find its location: Odessa, Texas. When Adam unties her, Victoria pulls the shot gun and points at Peter, but Adam shoots her first, killing her. After Peter leaves, Adam uses his own blood to draw the Symbol on Victoria's photograph and drops it on her body, saying that "if anyone survives, [he'll] tell them [he] couldn't have done it without [her]."

Claire reveals her plan to Elle.

In the Dawsons' home, a bloody-nosed Damon is interrogated by Nana. He tells the family that he was trying to find out how much Micah's comics were worth. When he tells Micah that he was set up and someone stole Micah's backpack, Micah tackles and punches Damon. Niki pulls him off, and Micah yells that D.L.'s medal was in the bag. Damon offers to get a new one, but Micah asks if he will get him a new dad, too. Damon apologizes, but Micah tells Damon that he hates him. Nana says she's going to call the police, but Micah insists that they need to get it themselves - that they need to be heroes like D.L. Niki tells him that is the reason D.L. is dead.

Sylar is packing his things, when he hears a knock at the door. He answers it to find Alejandro, who pushes Sylar against the door, telling him that he won't take Maya from him. Sylar knocks him to the ground and grabs a knife, stabbing and killing Alejandro during the struggle. Sylar then hears Maya knocking at the door. He answers the door shirtless and wet, telling Maya he was in the shower. She tells Sylar that without him, she would still be in Mexico, and that he was right about Alejandro. He tells Maya he just wants to help her. She tells him he has already done that, and so much more. The two kiss, and Sylar closes the hotel door, leaving Alejandro's dead body inside.

Claire is searching frantically in some boxes for the wind-chimes the Haitian gave her. She wants to call him to make her forget about her father and her guilt. West convinces her not to and that she must remember her dad. That evening, she releases her father's "ashes" into the sea, telling him she'll miss him, and how her selfishness prevented her from listening to him. Sandra tells her they must go soon and Claire goes to say goodbye to West. As she is hugging him, she sees Elle in her car drinking a Slusho. Claire rushes to the car as the injured Elle fumbles with her keys and spills her Slusho. Eventually she gives up and gets out of the car to confront Claire. The two argue and Claire tells Elle she is going to reveal her secret and everything the Company has done to her family to the entire world.

Peter manifests one of his abilities for battle against Hiro.

Monica wakes Micah and tells him that she knows where the thieves that took his bag live, and as long as he stays out of the way, he could come.

Mohinder makes a cure for the mutated version of the Shanti virus by combining Claire's blood with his blood. Bob congratulates him. Mohinder is very upset that Bob still doesn't want to end research on the virus. When Bob asks him what they can do for him, he tells Bob to help him destroy all the versions of the virus the Company ever created. He then calls Niki to tell her that he found a cure.

When Niki goes to the bedroom to tell Micah about the cure, he is gone. Outside the thug's house, Micah uses his abilities to figure out there is no one inside and Monica gains access by using her ability to mimic parkour. As she discovers the bag, the gang drives up and returns. She hides near the ceiling as the gang enters, but accidentally drops a comic from the bag, revealing her position. Two gangsters pull guns on her. Second later, the gang is dragging Monica out to a van, beating her unconscious along the way, but not before she looks in Micah's location with eyes pleading for help.

Mohinder is in a cab and on his way home when he receives a cell phone call. It is Sylar, revealing that he convinced Molly's babysitter to go home early, and that he and a friend are at Mohinder's apartment and need his help.

Hiro returns from 1977 and retrieves his sword from Ando, determined to avenge his father's murder. He says that he must go to Odessa, Texas and teleports away. Adam and Peter arrive at Primatech to destroy the virus. Time stops around Peter who looks around and sees Hiro. Both are surprised to see the other. Hiro tells Peter that Adam killed his father, and that Hiro must try to kill Adam. Peter, believing Adam wants to destroy the virus, defends Adam and surprises Hiro by threatening him with a jolt of electricity. Hiro lets out a battle cry and charges at Peter with the sword.

Memorable Quotes

"It itches like a mother f--!"

- Elle (to Bob)

"Ando, be more careful. You are like a hamster making a nest."

- Hiro (to Ando)

"If anyone survives, I'll tell them I couldn't have done it without you."

- Adam (to Victoria)

"I know what it's like to lose someone you love -- to wish that you had a piece of them, something solid to hold on to. Anybody try to steal my mom's piano, I'd feed 'em their teeth!"

- Monica (to Micah)

"Watch who you're shoving, pom-pom."

- Elle (to Claire)

"Why is saving the world always your responsibility?"

- Ando (to Hiro)

"Adam Monroe killed my father, and for that he must pay."

"I can't let you do that."

"Then you have chosen the wrong side."

- Hiro, Peter

Character Appearances


  • The title of this chapter is the only one to use an ampersand. Every other use of "and" has been represented by the full word.

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