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Theory:Richard Drucker

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The following fan theories are about Richard Drucker.

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Theory Citations Notes
Richard Drucker was an original member of The Company. None + Drucker attended the University of Virginia with Charles Deveaux.

+ Drucker was said to have formed a secret society that is supposedly still active.

- Whoever wrote that story knows a bit about the University of Virginia, but not enough - there are no active secret societies which were formed in the 1960s and 1970s.
- The group of twelve are no longer active; only Bob and Angela are left.
- Drucker didn't form the Company, Adam did.

+ The group of friends all had similar ideals.
- Drucker is not in the photo, nor is he part of the group of 12.

+ He could have taken the photo.
+ Adam is not in the photo either, but he is supposed to be the founder of the Company.
+ Drucker left for Bangalore, India, in 1977.
+ There seemed to be a misunderstanding between the friends which caused Richard to leave.

- Drucker has an extreme hatred for members of the Company.

+ This could be caused by a severe misunderstanding.

- All of the Founders were accounted for by Matt.

+ The recent clip has stated that there appears to be an unwritten code of silence surrounding Drucker. So because of the reluctance of the other founders to talk about him and no existing literature supporting his existence, Matt would be able to find no trace of him.
- In that case, wouldn't Matt have written Carlos and Harry off as being unaccounted for like Victoria, rather than being dead?

- The only two men not yet shown are Carlos Mendez and Harry Fletcher, neither of whom have hair like Drucker.

- The picture was of the Company taken not too long ago. Drucker was gone.

Drucker disappeared when the "Company" was founded. He developed a secret society with like minded people, so therefore founded the basis of the company.

Drucker has refined his ability to be able to transform himself into a datastream like Hana, and back again at will. None + Hampton tells Bob that two months ago, Drucker just suddenly disappeared and he doesn't know where he went. This is plausible if Drucker figured out how to transform himself.

+ Due to Traveler meeting with Goose a few months ago, Drucker may have known he had to go into hiding again.

Drucker's NBC page has confirmed that he died in a plane crash years ago, suggesting he may now be in datastream format. However, there has been no confirmation that Drucker has ever been able to reconstitute himself as a physical person.

+ If Drucker has this capability, he may be able to alter his appearance at will (even shapeshift to a limited extent) by changing his data. Thus, he could be hiding in plain sight, maybe even as one of the monks in the Bhutanese temple.

If he does actually have this ability, Drucker would be, by far, the most powerful evolved human in the entire series.
While shape shifting would be an incredible ability, Drucker wouldn't be the most powerful evolved human by this account alone, especially if someone with emulation capabilities, such as Peter or Sylar were to attain his powers.

- Drucker and Hana didn't turn into a datastream, they converted their minds into digital data and transferred them into the internet.

In the 1992 plane crash in Bhutan, Drucker transformed himself into a datastream like Hana and stored himself on Goose's laptop. Hana has received messages from Drucker, yet his physical body is confirmed to have died in a plane crash years ago, on his NBC page. + It is more likely that Drucker has performed a similar transformation like Hana, than knowing in advance to leave messages for Hana or perform time travel.
In The End of Hana and Drucker, Hana and Drucker were downloaded by Matt into his brain, and then uploaded into the Company's computer system. None + If Matt truly memorized everything in the Company's computer system, he should have memorized that data which comprised Hana and Drucker too since they were unable to escape. Now that the data has been uploaded to a new computer system from Matt's brain, both Hana and Drucker should now be in the new system.

+ Hana said in Hindi "We shall meet again, Drucker", implying that she knew (at least on an unconscious level) that everything was being backed up including them.

Richard Drucker died during the Volume 3 eclipse. None + If Drucker was alive as a data stream after his supposed death and the eclipse caused all evolved humans to lose their powers, then Drucker would no longer be able to maintain this state of being.
- By then, Drucker would no longer be a human being, just sentient data, he wouldn't have physical matter to be affected by the eclipse.

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