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This is not a fairy tale

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This is not a fairy tale
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Hiro says that life isn't a fairy tale.
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Kaito Nakamura has a plaque on his office wall that says, "This is not a fairy tale" (これはおとぎ話ではありません。).


Once Upon a Time in Texas

Hiro tells Petey about the "normal" story, and explains that "life isn't a fairy tale."

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

Hiro recalls that his father always kept a small, golden plaque on the wall of his Yamagato office. The plaque read, "This is not a fairy tale," and Kaito would keep the plaque to remind him that things don't happen by magic or by "wishing on a star," but by hard work, discipline, and control. Though Kaito believed that there were no happy endings, Hiro believed that it was the happiness in the middle that made the story a good one. (Chapter 5)

Charlie tells Hiro that she thinks it would be nice if Robogirl ended up happy. Hiro explains that in Japan, it's not about finding happiness. He remembers the plaque in his father's office that says, "This is not a fairy tale." (Chapter 13)

When Hiro was sixteen, he talked to his father about a girl he liked. In response, Kaito simply pointed to his "This is not a fairy tale" plaque. Hiro felt like he didn't need to be reminded of this. (Chapter 38)

Hiro devises a way to save Charlie from Sylar, but then she tells Hiro that she has a blood clot in her brain. Hiro decides that no matter what he does, their story isn't going to have a happy ending. He is reminded of his father's plaque that says, "This is not a fairy tale." But then he realizes that he can have happiness in the middle, and that their story didn't have to end just yet. (Chapter 39)

Hiro realizes that he has failed in his mission to save Charlie, and he knows that there can be no happy endings. He remembers Kaito's plaque, "This is not a fairy tale," and he realizes he is not ready for any kind of ending yet, be it happy, sad, or otherwise. (Chapter 40)

A woman tells a young Kaito that his relationship with the late Satsu was a fairy tale. Kaito rebuffs her, "This is no fairy tale." Hiro overhears this and realizes that his father's "this is not a fairy tale" saying is not talking about hard work but about love. (Chapter 44)

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