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Where are the heroes?

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Where are the heroes?
Carlos Gutierrez walks in front of graffiti in Los Angeles that asks "Where are the heroes"?
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Following Claire Bennet's outing as an evolved human, many people and organizations began discriminating against evos. In response, evo sympathizers used graffiti and made signs asking, "Where are the heroes?"


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

Four television screens behind Hero Truther each show a different word of "Where are the heroes?"

Brave New World

Carlos Gutierrez walks in front of a giant graffiti mural in Los Angeles, CA, that says "Where are the heroes?"

Confronted by Quentin Frady insisting that evos are here to save us, Noah Bennet says, "Then where are they?"

Company Woman

With the HELE looming, a farm's roof asks, "Where are the heroes?" in large painted letters.

Graphic Novel: Vengeance, Part 5

As Father Mauricio and Oscar talk, a large piece of graffiti asks, "Dónde están los héroes?"

Heroes Evolutions


The description for the Woman Pushes Truck with One Hand video says "Where Are The Heroes?"

The description for the мотоцикл чудо (Motorcycle Miracle) video says "Where Are The Heroes?"

The Odessa Report

Part of the footage from The Odessa Report's news coverage shows graffiti on a building that says "Where are the heroes?", with the question mark made by people gathered in a group, and a tire making the dot of the question mark. Other footage shows people marching in a parade, carrying a large red, blue, and yellow banner that says "Where are the heroes?"



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