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Book Saving Charlie
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Robogirl is the main character in the Robogirl comic books that Hiro Nakamura reads and worships. She is a ruthless assassin who can feel compassion, love, and regret. Hiro feels a kinship with the character, often comparing Charlie Andrews to Robogirl.


Robogirl is an android who was originally built and programmed to be a bounty hunter, a gun for hire, a "ruthless assassin who would track down and kill her targets quickly". A beatiful, busty redhead, Robogirl wears lethally sharp stiletto heels and has robotic hands that can morph into any weapon in the world. However, at some point in her evolution, someone had reprogrammed Robogirl to develop emotions. But this didn't alter her fundamental purpose to be a killing machine.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

During his road trip with Ando, Hiro has flipped through Robogirl so often that the pages were all coming loose. After he meets Charlie, Hiro thinks she looks just like Robogirl, the sexy female robot with weapons for hands and sadness in her heart. Hiro has read every issue of the manga since he was twelve years old. (Chapter 2)

At Music City Mall, comic book sales clerk PJ shows Hiro three perfect, plastic-covered issues of Rachel Red: Robogirl. Hiro identifies closely with Robogirl: despite being able to feel compassion, love, and regret, her fundamental purpose is still to be a killing machine, and she would kill a little piece of herself with each new assignment. Like Hiro, Robogirl is constantly searching for connection, a way to feel like she belonged. She doesn't give up when scared, but instead pushes through to accomplish her mission. Holding the Robogirl comics, Hiro feels he has found a friend and a companion on his mission to save Charlie. PJ, on the other hand, thinks that Robogirl has a nice rack. (Chapter 8)

Charlie asks about the Robogirl mangas at Hiro's apartment, and Hiro explains that it's a Japanese comic book, to be read back-to-front. After Charlie fluently reads the end of the comic, Hiro explains that Robogirl's adventures always end with her being alone. "But it's also awesome. She's my favorite." Hiro, feeling that talking about Robogirl with Charlie is "strangely intimate", says that Charlie reminds him of Robogirl, partly because they look alike, even though Robogirl was "aggressively" "over-the-top sexy, all boobs and legs and lips", and Charlie was a "different kind of sexy". Hiro recalls that his dreams used to star Robogirl, but that character has been sidelined since he met Charlie. Hiro finally allows that Robogirl and Charlie both have red hair. But Charlie looks at a picture of Robogirl in spike-heeled leather boots and a bustier that barely covers her nipples, straddling a guy, clutching him between her thighs as she Ginsu-s his carotid arteries with razored hands. Charlie says, "I kind of see what you mean," and says that she thinks it would be nice if Robogirl ended up happy. (Chapter 13)

Charlie shows Hiro the only photo she has of her father and her together. Hiro says, "Just like Robogirl." He explains that the only connection Robogirl has to her past is a picture of a man holding a little red-haired girl. She thinks it's her father, but she doesn't know for sure. (Chapter 16)

The comic-book store at Music City Mall receives copies of Robogirl #215 in June 2006 (even though Hiro already read it a couple weeks before he left for America). PJ, who is especially taken with the story line, shows a copy of the comic to Hiro. The comic tells the story of Robogirl, who thinks she has finally found true love, but it turns out to be a double cross. When she discovers the deception, she gets the guy back by turning her hand into a metal probe and jamming it into an electrical outlet as she kisses him good-bye. A current of 50,000 volts courses from her lips to his, "instantly frying what little heart he actually had." PJ decides that the moral of the story is that you can't lie to women. Hiro buys the comic, grateful for the lesson. (Chapter 18)

Hiro says he sometimes feels like Sakurazawa, a kidnapper who tried to blackmail Robogirl in Issue #94. Sakurazawa broke her heart, but since he wasn't a target, she lobotomized him instead. Sakurazawa spent the rest of his life in a psych ward, wandering and stumbling in little circles. (Chapter 25)

Hiro begins to tell Charlie that when Robogirl was first reprogrammed so she could feel, she didn't think she was a hero. Charlie interrupts him, demanding a kiss. (Chapter 26)

Hiro compares Charlie's checkup at the doctor, to Robogirl's "routine scheduled maintenance". He explains that once a month Robogirl visits The Mechanic, a mysterious old Japanese guy who can fix any kind of machine or computer or motor that's broken. In fact, The Mechanic is the only person who is able to repair Robogirl, and is her only friend. Charlie doesn't appreciate the comparison. (Chapter 36)

PJ says that his ex-girlfriend acted like he was secretly developing the Kuma River Zombie Virus in his basement lab. Hiro recognizes this as a Robogirl reference. (Chapter 38)


Robogirl is an exceptionally skilled assassin. As an android, she has robotic hands that could morph into any weapon in the world (Chapter 8). She has demonstrated the ability to turn her hands into spiked clubs (Chapter 2), Ginsu-sharp razors (Chapter 13), a metal probe (Chapter 18), and a trephine or surgical blade (Chapter 25).


  • According to Saving Charlie, Robogirl is Hiro's "all-time number one favorite manga". (Chapter 2)
  • Robogirl apparently has a nice set of breasts. (Chapter 8)
  • The issue number of the Robogirl comic that helps Hiro realize he shouldn't like to Charlie, is the same as the house number of Isaac's loft: #215.

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