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Portrayed by Eric Cartman
First appearance AWESOM-O
In-story stats
Known ability Super Decrease of Intelligence
Nickname Cartman
Age 8
Place of birth South Park
Home South Park
Occupations Student, Bully

Awesome-O is robot, but is really just a prank.

Character History


Once upon a time, in South Park, a boy named Butters, who is found very annoying by another little boy, Eric Cartman. Eric was a chubby, little, semi-retarded boy. Then one day, Eric came up with the perfect plan to pull a prank on Butters. He made a suit, a suit that was impentetrable (yeah right), out of a cardboard box. He soon became Awesome-O. He found Butters and pretended to be a gift for him. Butters liked Awesome-O and grew to become great friends (which makes one of them). When at Butters's house, he found out he had a secret. Awesome-O had to know it. He eventually found out, after digging around in Butter's room. When he saw what he had, it made him angry. Butters's secret was that he had blackmail knowledge against... Eric Cartman.

To be continued...


  • Eric Cartman dresses up as Awesome-O.


  • Awesome-O made an appearance in "South Park"

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