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Tracy's ability
Tracy's arms dissolve.jpg
Tracy loses control of her power, and begins to fall apart into water.
Held by: Tracy Strauss (synthetic)
Ability to: lower the temperature of matter and mimic the properties of water

Tracy's ability is the ability to reduce the temperature of matter, causing it to freeze, and mimic the properties of water.



The range of this ability appears to be quite short. Sylar did not have to have physical contact with the roadway in order to freeze it--he merely pointed his hand at the asphalt--but he did have to open the door and lean down from the vehicle.

While the range is short, the total volume of space affected can be quite large. In Cold Snap, Tracy was able to freeze an entire parking garage; while the effect was centered on her body, it expanded slowly (Micah was able to outrun it) to encompass thousands of cubic meters.

Tracy Strauss

After Tracy was shot by Danko (Cold Snap), her abilities seemed to change or evolve. Upon being shot, Tracy shattered into a thousands of pieces of ice, though Tracy retained consciousness, even winking her eye. The ice seemed to melt, and Tracy soon thereafter formed back into her natural self (Ice Queen, Part 1). Since then, Tracy seems to be able to take the form of water, being able to form back into herself at will. It should be noted, however, that this is an unusual new aspect that Tracy has developed. It is unknown exactly how it is related to her original capacity to freeze things. Regardless, Tracy has demonstrated great control over this new aspect of her ability, though she occasionally loses control when stressed and upset, involuntarily turning into water (Acceptance).

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