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Noah's ball
Noah bounce.JPG
Noah bounces his ball in his cell.

Noah's ball is always seen with him, while locked up in a prison cell.



Noah is quietly sitting in his cell, bounces his ball, when he is interrupted by Elle, wanting answers.

The Second Coming

As Mohinder is doing his monologue, the camera shows different Level 5 prisoners. The last prisoner shown is Noah, bouncing his ball against the glass window.

The Butterfly Effect

Noah is still bouncing the ball against the glass window, when his fun time is interrupted because Elle walks in saying Sylar is here.


  • It is unclear if Noah keeps the same ball with him at all times.
  • The only time the ball was not with him, was when he was locked up in Primatech at Odessa, couching Matt how to escape and break free himself and Ted.

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