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Arthur's Team
Team Pinehearst.jpg
Location: Fort Lee, NJ
Purpose: to give abilities
First mentioned: Eclipse
Known leader: Arthur Petrelli
Known members: Tommy
Nina Matthews
Jack Foreman
Flint Gordon Jr.
Mohinder Suresh
Nathan Petrelli
Tracy Strauss
Affiliated sites: The Pinehearst Building
Equipment used: Their Abilities

Arthur's team is a group of evolved humans that work for Pinehearst.



Nina comes to Tommy's loft and places him in a coma like state with her ability, so it will be easier for her to bring him in to Pinehearst to recruit him.


Ross speaks to Tommy to talk to him about Pinehearst. He tells him that he is putting together a team for his boss and they will change the world. Tommy agrees and joins them.

New Partner

Nina walks into Pinehearst with a newly recruited member, Jack Foreman. He shows them his power of seismic bursts, and Tommy complements him on it.

Gained and Lost

Tommy and Jack arrive at Pinehearst from their assignments to recruit more evolved humans. They talk about how nicely Jack took care of them using his power, though did not have success in their missions. When Jack finds out that Tommy does not trust Ross, something they have in common, Jack comes up with the idea to take over Pinehearst for themselves once Ross has full trust over them.


  • Nina, Knox, Flint, Nathan, Mohinder, and Tracy are unaware of the plan to take over the project.

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