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Biological Manipulation
Bio manip.jpg
Andrew drains the life of a mugger.
Held by: Andrew Gavin
Tyler Gavin
Ability to: manipulate life

Biological Manipulation is the ability to manipulate life.



With this active ability, one can heal others, or drain the lives of others. This has to be done through physical contact, but not necessarily skin to skin contact. This ability can not heal people to the point where they come back from the dead.

Effects of life draining

  • The skin will turn white
  • Eyes will turn black
  • The longer the user touches the victim, the more breath the victim loses.

Andrew Gavin

Andrew first demonstrated his power on his interviewer, for the job he was applying for. He started to kill him when he shook his hand, but let go just in time. He then worked at the hospital, hoping to heal people. So he did for a while until he killed his friend/co-worker when he was going to tell the world about his power. After he left there, he was offered to come join Pinehearst. There he had daily healing sessions with Arthur Petrelli to make him better. But the job was over when he acquired a new power.

Tyler Gavin

Tyler used this ability on Lance Anderson when Lance caught up to him, after chasing him. He used his ability to drain the life out of him in hopes to kill him. But Tyler was interrupted when shot in the back of the knee.

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