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Andrew Gavin
In-story stats
Known ability Biological Manipulation
Formal name Andrew Lee Gavin
Nickname Gav
Age 23
Date of birth November 16, 1984
Place of birth Chicago, IL
Home Fort Lee, NJ
Residence Formerly Pinehearst
Occupation Former Student
Former Part-time Doctor
Former Medical Assistant to Arthur Petrelli
Sibling Brother:
Tyler Gavin

Andrew Gavin is an evolved human.

Character History

College Man for Now

Andrew is a college man, soon going into his third year. He deomonstrated his power when interviewing for a job. The interview went well, and when it was time to leave, he shook the boss's hand, and he started to die. The boss's skin started to turn white, and his eyes turning black, and was gasping for air. But Andrew quickly let go, and the boss started to get his skin and eye color back, breathing heavily. The boss then asks angrily what the hell he did to him. Andrew stutters for a moment, but then just leaves, running out of the office.

New Job

After the interview, he lived underground for a while, hiding from people. But he soon got a job as a part time doctor. When ever he got a patient he would heal them every few days until they were completely healed. He does this to avoid suspicion, and the fact that he does not have great control over this ability. When another his friend / his co-worker, Mark, saw how he treats his patients, he confronted Andrew saying he is going to tell the everyone what he can do. Andrew pleads for him not do do it. But as Mark was about to leave the hospital room, Andrew grabs his arm, and tells him there is more to his power. He grabs his other arm with his other hand, and starts draining his life. Mark soon dies, and Andrew flees.


As he is in the lobby of the hospital, leaving the scene, A girl comes speeding in and asks him if he wants to help save the world. She hands him a card saying the address is on there. She then speeds away. Andrew goes to Pinehearst and is escorted to a room with a man in it. His doctor says that the man is Arthur Petrelli and he will be giving you the orders. Andrews task was to daily heal him. It was hard for Andrew to do, for he became tired after each session. But it seemed to help Arthur a bit, so Andrew continued his daily healing sessions with him. But his job was finished when he went in one day, and found Arthur awake and speaking. He says he can heal himself now, but will need Andrew for future injuries that me come to the team, and maybe some field assignments.


It is unknown what has happened to Andrew after the death Arthur and the roundup of fugitives.

Evolved Human Abilities

Andrew has limited control over his ability. He seems he can heal people fairly well, but uses a lot of his energy when he does. It always leaves him tired than he normally should and lack of energy. It is the same thing with life draining. Though because he does not want to hurt anyone, he doesn't use it, therefore he has no experience with it.

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