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The seventh episode of the new season of Chronicles, entitled "Train 192" has been released.
The new installment of Side Stories entitled: Love Story, Part 3 will be released shortly.


After much deliberating, AJ and I have come to a decision.

  • 1st Place: Unable to decide who should take away first place, we have deemed it a tie!
  • 2nd Place: Congratulations to Catalyst for his character Andrew Gavin who will have a recurring/supporting role.
  • Congratulations to everyone else who entered and keep an eye out! Your characters will be mentioned in either chapter one, six or seven. THANK YOU ALL!


This Competition, which will be held between the end of Volume One and the third episode of Volume Two, will give fans a chance to submit their own characters, abilities and storylines. Fans are encouraged to submit a character/ability/storyline that they feel will fit with the Chronicles story. See below for more rules and conditions.

Rules And Conditions

There are several rules and conditions for this competition and I believe that they are fair:

  • Submissions do not necessarily need to have pictures. As this is a series with Characters portrayed by actors, fans are able to submit characters portrayed by their favourite actor! Fans are encouraged to do this for Character submissions but Ability Submissions, given the difficulty of finding pictures to match, do not necessarily need to contain pictures. (It would be nice though).
  • Only one entry per user.
  • The idea must be your own and should be original.
  • Characters with pictures, imaginitive abilities, and descriptive storylines would be considered a higher class entry and would definately be considered for winning more so than entries that do not.
  • Abilities MAY be from the Heroes canon world but there would have to be a good idea behind the character/storyline.
  • If you cannot get someone to portray your character, contact either AJ or myself and we may be able to help you. If not, please describe your character in great detail e.g, skin colour, hair colour, age, etc.
  • Characters with abilities are not compulsory. If you want your character to be "normal", you may create them that way. It is all your choice.:)


At the end of the Competition, Four winners will be selected.

  • 1st place will become a Main Character.
  • 2nd and 3rd place will both become Recurring Characters.
  • 4th place will become a Minor Character.


Please enter your characters in the space below. :)

No. User Character Ability Additional Pages
01 Vampirate68 Jack Miller Enhanced Physiology 1 - 2
02 Catalyst Andrew Gavin Biological Manipulation 1
03 Leckie Lloyd Roberts Morphing 1
04 Skullman1392 Samantha Nowak Dark Energy manipulation 1
05 LDB Charlie Baker Property replication
06 Danko Rictor Trundall Disintegration 1
07 Kyle Stevens Jack Swift Pyrokinesis 1


As there is no possible space to enter possible storylines in the space above, please see here to submit them.

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