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Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
First appearance Eclipse
In-story stats
Known ability None
Alias Noah Butler
Age 44
Date of birth August 6, 1962
Date of marriage 1985
Home Costa Verde, CA
Occupations former Company field manager, trainer and agent,
former Primatech Paper Co. regional manager,
former Copy Kingdom employee
Children Claire Bennet (adopted),
Lyle Bennet

Noah Bennet is a former agent of the company.

Character History


Bennet pulls up in a car in front of John telling him about The Company. He says he was an agent, but had left to protect his daughter. He "requests" John's help to take down the company. John eventually agrees.


Bennet and John are walking to Primatech Research, when Bennet says that John is going to get a job at the company. John could not believe what he heard and asks him how. Bennet says he is going to give him a good review, and says he his still with the company, but trying to take it down.

Welcome to The Company

Bennet welcomes him to the Company and explains the rules. He tells John that his new partner is outside by the car. Once John is about to leave, Bennet wishes him good luck.


Bennet talks to John alone saying not to screw up again, or the company will figure out that they are planning something. He gives him his assignment to capture Michael Fitzgerald. He also makes a promise to John that he would try to find an evolved human that could help John get his memories back.

New Partner

Bennet assigns Reyes to John as his new partner.


Bennet hands John a folder with information on a Jimmy Wright spotting. He also mentions to John that Lance Anderson died.

Volume Two: Futures

When John is teleported two months into the future by Sean, Bennet sees them. He shoots Sean in the stomach killing him. When John turns around to see the shooter, Bennet says he should have tried to stay in his own time. He then knocks out John with one punch to the face and calls someone on the phone, saying he has another one.

See Also

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