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John Dolan
Portrayed by Sam Worthington
First appearance Eclipse
In-story stats
Known ability Accelerated Probability
Alias Cross-Hair
Age 20
Date of birth 1987
Place of birth Unknown
Home Stays on the run
Residence Unknown
Occupation Former Company agent

John Dolan is an evolved human who appears to be amnesic.

Character History

See the character history before Heroes Legends by clicking "Character History"


John is walking down an alley and stops a man from mugging a woman. After walking away from the scene he is stopped when a car brakes in front of him. He said his name was Bennet and was a former agent of the company. He wanted John's help to take it down and so he agreed.


John and Bennet are walking to Primatech Research, when Bennet says that John is going to get a job at the company. John is in disbelieve and questions him how. Bennet admits that he is still with the company and will recommend him.

Welcome to The Company

John went on his first assignment with his new Partner Lance. His first target was Jimmy Wright. He decided not to capture him because he did not want to capture his own kind. But when he realized he had to he participated in the next assignment, Tyler Gavin. He shot him in th back of the knee and was later captured.


John was given the assignment to bring in Michael Fitzgerald to Level 5. After fighting him and taking some damage, he tasers him wo then falls to the ground. After Lance gets a call that the Company has found Jimmy Wright, they go after him. But when they have him surrounded, He ignites a heated grill which explodes right next to Lance.

New Partner

John is assigned a new partner, Reyes, who talk about their powers. The are assigned a mission to collect two doctors. Reyes reads Angela's mind and finds out that she is looking for the formula, which can give abilities.

Gained and Lost

John goes with Reyes to Reseda to find Dr. Zimmerman.


John receives information on a Jimmy Wright spotting. He gets Reyes and drives off. At a construction site, they enter a tall building that has no walls or windows. They find Jimmy who was looking for his next target. He says to them they should start taking care of their prisoners so they stop escaping. So Reyes agrees and is about to kill Jimmy. But John stops him, for that is not the mission. The two fight. Jimmy who was watching was sneaking up on Reyes, and was about to stab him. Though John shoots him in the shoulder. Reyes shoot him, and then about to kill him. But once again John stops him, and they go back to fighting. When Jimmy blows up a machine, and soon the building ignites. As the fire is spreading John and Reyes run for the door. They are pushing and shoving each other out of the way. John realizes he will not make it to the door before the building blows. So he run to the edge of the building with his speed and strength, and jumps to the next building. The building then blows. John goes back to Primatech the next day only to find that it burned down. Bennet says Sylar caused it and that John is relived from his duties. He is then teleported two months into the future, where future Bennet shoots the time traveler and then knocks out John, punching him in the face.

Evolved Human Abilities

John's ability is to see and react faster than normal. He has shown to have a good shot with a gun. When he fired a gun he was able to shoot the bullet that was flying at him. He also was able to throw a knife like a dart and hit someone between the eyes.

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