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The Dark Future
Mygeeto bridge battle-1.jpg
The effects of the war.

Date of event: 2010-2020
Location: Worldwide

The Dark Future is a war between humans and evolved humans.

Notable Participants


A war fought between humans and evolved humans. People are running and fighting for their lives while the evolved humans are quickly gaining the higher ground. There has been much help to their victories from a vial of the formula that survive the Pinehearst explosion. Scientists were able to copy every little thing possible from that one sample. People have rejected, but mostly, people have taken it. It is because of that one vial, the world is slowly, painfully ending. Events have occurred which include:

  • Scientists replicating the formula.
  • Billions of people injecting themselves with it.
  • Evolved Humans starting a war.
  • Humans joining together and form a resistance and fight, not to defeat them all, but only to survive.
  • Future John Dolan and Peter Petrelli fight together with the humans to try to win the war.
  • Arthur Petrelli leads the evolved humans, with Nathan and Sylar at his side.
  • Danko and his men, have teamed up with Primatech, and formed an underground prison, called Level 6.


  • This is similar to the Exposed future in a way, but a war.
  • It is unknown where the underground prison, Level 6 is.

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