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Trevor Powers.jpg
Trevor launches air bullets to smash the glass.
Originally held by: Zan Hahn,
Trevor Zeitlan (deceased),
A female level 5 prisoner,
A Russian soldier (deceased)
Absorbed by: Sylar,
Ability to: Generate and manipulate air, gases and wind currents

Aerokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate air, gases and wind currents. Also, this ability can be developed to gas mimicry.


  • Zan Hahn has this ability.
  • Trevor Zeitlan also had this ability.
  • A female prisoner in level 5 also demonstrates this ability.
  • A Russian soldier from KGB possessed this ability.
  • Sylar has stolen this ability from Trevor.
  • Rod absorbs this ability from the Russian soldier.


Zan Hahn

Zan Hahn has demonstrated a highly advanced control of her power. She can compress the air to become air bullets or weapons, create a tornado, create a vacuum area, levitate himself, suck out the air inside the human bodies and create any kinds of gas.

Also, she has developed the ability to become gas mimicry, allowing her to transform to be gas and controlling herself while in a gaseous state.

Trevor Zeitlan

Trevor Zeitlan had extreme limitation of his ability. He just only capable of firing air bullets.


Sylar had not shown a well development of this ability, he just only use it to levitate himself and create some gas to pass out his attempted victims.



  • Sylar gains this ability forever because it is related to the jealousy Sylar felt for Elle.

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