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Rod's victims
Powers absorption.jpg
Rod absorbs the ability of a vice-leader of The Club.

As Rod travels many countries, he leaves a growing number of victims.


Rod has used different abilities to attack his victims:

  • Life absorption
  • Other abilities:
    • Aerokinesis
    • Alien summoning
    • Enhanced strength
    • Forcefields
    • Gravity control
    • Movement suspension
    • Poison emission
    • Pyrokinesis
    • Tactile mind control
    • Technopathy
    • Telekinesis
    • Super speed

List of Victims (Killed by Life absorption)

Name Description Time of Death Power absorbed
A Russian soldier of KGB Rod kills him because he attacked Olga Tscherkasov. 1998 Aerokinesis
Soundwave Rod arrives Transformer's universe, and absorbs its life and power. ? Alien summoning
Stephen Hawking After hearing a course of Stephen about black holes, Rod kills him. 2008 Claircognizance
Louis McDowell Rod controls him to fall in sedated state, and murders him at his home in Dijon. 1995 Dimension hopping
Future Predators When Rod is experimented by The Club, he easily slaughters them all. 1994 Echolocation
Enhanced strength
Abigail's unnamed sister Rod absorbs her life and ability in London. 1996 Enhanced memory
Havestkey An evolved animal that Rod kills it in a lab of The Club. 1994 Evolution
Unnamed vice-leader of The Club Rod kills him for "fulfilling God's mission". 1994 Forcefields
Jane Segmen She tortures and kills Rod's family. Rod's ability manifests, and takes away her life and power. 1994 Gravity control
Chinese psychic Rod travels to Hong Kong, and kills her in order to see his wife and children's spirits. 2002 Mediumship
Melvin Crum Melvin tells his father that he can alter his wife's memories in a phone, which is intercepted by Rod. Rod attacked Danko's men, and murders him. 2008 Memory manipulation
Unnamed Scotch Rod hunts him for 2 months, and finally kills him. 2007 Mind communication
Paula Gramble Rod finds her location according to Dr. Chandra Suresh's research, and then kills her. 2006 Movement suspension
Unnamed female victim Rod has once suspended by Paula in Genova. He thinks he is vulnerable to mental abilities, so he kills her to protect himself. 1999 Occlumency
Vincent Mason Vincent is the chairperson of ILM, and he declares war with Rod. Because of that, Rod kills him in Genova. 1999 Omnilingualism
Unnamed Indian victim Rod suspends his movement and forbids him to use his power, then takes away his life and ability. 2003 Phasing
Unnamed bus driver Rod murders him in an alley. 1997 Poison emission
Carlos Mendez After killing Abigail's sister, Rod murders Carlos in London too. 1996 Pyrokinesis
Kayla Silverfox Rod kills her after he arrives at X-Men's universe. ? Tactile mind control
Tiffany Andrews As an company agent, Tiffany is killed by him in the war with Rod in Genova. 1999 Technopathy
Unnamed Sector Seven agent In Hong Kong, Rod kills an agent of Sector Seven outside the home of the Chinese psychic. 2002 Telekinesis
"Mrs. Wind" An agent of SkyNet who is murdered by Rod in a fight. 2003 Super speed
Harmon After Harmon escapes from Danko's men, he is killed by Rod. 2009 Wall crawling

List of victims (Killed by other abilities)

Name Description Time of Death Evolved human?
Rufus Pratt Rod raids an facility in Cape Town of The Club, and kills him in front of Scofield. 2001 Yes.
Duke After he arrives at G.I.Joe's universe, Rod manipulates Baroness to slaughter Duke in half. ? No.
Constance Petrelli Daughter of Tim Petrelli, niece of Arthur and cousin of Nathan and Peter. Killed by Rod in Odessa, TX with her mother, Beatrice Petrelli. 1998 Yes.
Baroness Using her to kill Duke, Rod breaks her neck later. ? No.
Unnamed Company Agent In NYC, Rod compresses him to death. 2007 No.
Draph Draph is killed by a transformer who is summoned by Rod. 2007 Yes.
60 T-800s Rod arrives at Terminator's universe, and easily destroys their chips. ? No.
Paul E. Sylar Rod controls him to create a saber-toothed cat to kill himself. 2003 Yes.
Tim Petrelli Rod attacks Tim and Arthur in the British Museum. Tim is murdered by Rod in the Thames. 2000 Yes.
Yvonne Fletcher Harry Fletcher's daughter, killed in a plane by Rod with pocketknife. 2004 Yes.
"Apolo" Agent of The Club, torn apart by Rod in a street in Serena Town, Isle of Home. 2004 Yes.
Peter Cleaver Service Society sends him to take down Rod. Killed in the front door of the headquarters of Service Society. 1995 No.
Beatrice Petrelli Rod orders the automatic defense system of Primatech to shoot her chest in Odessa, TX. 1998 Yes.
"The Dragon"
a.k.a. Kilgharrah
Rod kills it on Mount Everest somehow. 2002 Yes.(Multiple abilities)


  • There is more unknown victims, but the intelligence agency of SkyNet has not yet found out.
  • SkyNet suspect that a missing agent with the ability of rapid cell regeneration links to Rod's murders.
  • Rod has directly killed more than 380 people, including normal people and evolved humans.
  • Rod thinks that his murders are fulfilling the mission which God assigned him.
  • Rod's whereabouts is the most concern of many mutants, not because they want to catch him, is becaused they want to get far away from him.
  • Rod seems to kill an multiplier, because SkyNet notice that he had appeared in different places once before.
  • K tried to fix Rod's past, but he failed every time. According to K, even though he kills the villain that destroys Rod's family, there are always new villain would do the same thing.
  • Rod develops his super speed ability, that makes him as fast as light (but not faster than light.), which means STM cannot affect him.