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Portrayed by Unknown
In-story stats
Known abilities Life absorption
Absorbed abilities demonstrated:
Dimension hopping,
Enhanced memory,
Enhanced strength,
Gravity control,
Mind communication,
Movement suspension,
Tactile mind control,
Super speed
Formal name Rod Prince
Alias Copy hand
Nicknames Cool blood killer,
Jinx of evolved humans,
Rod the bloody hand,
Prince of death
Age 51
Date of birth 1958
Date of marriage 1981
Home formerly Paris, France,
formerly Hanover, NH
Occupation former anthropology professor at Dartmouth
Significant other Ashley Spencer (deceased)
Child 3 unnamed children (deceased)

Rod the bloody hand is a serial killer who is hunting for evolved humans. He found his ability accidentally after his wife and children were killed by a notorious mutant, Jane Segmen. He is an evolved human with the ability to absorb people's life, abilities and memories.

Character History

We don't have much information about him, all we know are only his crimes, abilities and marriage.

The first victim of Rod is Jane Segmen, a notorious villainess with ability to control gravity. In 1994, Jane escaped from a group of Company's agents, and she hid in Rod's house. Jane decided to have some fun while hiding from the Company, so she caught and tortured Rod and his family with her power.

Jane killed his wife, Ashley, and his children, then forced Rod to drink their blood. Rod was gone mad, and struggle against the gravitational pressure. Jane walked near him, and taunted him. Rod grabed Jane's right leg, and unexpectedly started to absorb her ability. Jane feared, and tried to kill Rod, but her ability was absorbed by Rod. After a brief moment, Jane lost both her ability and life.

After the murders, Rod exiled himself. He went to Africa, and captured by The Club. The Club is famous about its brutal and horrible biological experiment, 85% of evolved animals are created by them (using advanced biological technology and the formula), such as:

The Club had questioned him, and experimented on him. In the experiments, Rod had seen lots of ordinary people were fed or used as test subjects in experiments by The Club. He started to think that mutants are living devil, and he is assigned by God to destroy them and save the world. Rod destroyed the subdivison that he stayed, and killed a vice-leader of The Club.

Evolved Human Abilities

Rod possesses the ability to absorb people's abilities, life and memories. A person whose ability Rod has absorbed would die.

Used abilities

The following abilities are absorbed by Rod, and often use them:

Absorbed abilities

The following abilities are absorbed by Rod, but never or rarely use them:

  • Alien summoning from Soundwave, one of the Decepticons. (Can summon transformers to help the owner.)
  • Echolocation from a Future Predator. (Can determine location of items in the environment by use of reflected sound waves.)
  • Memory manipulation from a professor at Oxford.
  • Poison emission from a bus driver.
  • Wall crawling from Harmon.


Memorable Quotes

"Mutants are living devils, they must be destroyed! And you, Vincent Mason, are the leader of those demons! So, your death is inevitable. Say goodbye to you and your ability."

- Rod (to Vincent Mason)

"Rod the copy hand, you are charged with killing an agent of Sector Seven. You are now under arrested. You better stop your resistance, otherwise I would use deadly force to stop you."

"You seriously think that you... can take me down? How you and your itty-bitty organization kill me? After I got your ability, I am going to destroy that stupid unit and kill all the agents of Sector Seven! Hahahaha... Mutants deserve DIE! Get ready for your journey to the hell, young lady."

("Ice Lady" creates some icicles and ice shields.)

- "Ice Lady", Rod

(Rod shoots a beam of fire to destroy all the ice shields. "Ice Lady" becomes powerless.)

"Well done. You are the first one who can resist me so long, but your ice is not powerful than my fire. It's time to give you a proper award."

"Even I die, but Sector Seven will never fall in your hands. Taser him!"

(Rod turns back, but see nothing.)

"Oh, oh, oh. You lie to me, and you have to suffer the consequences."

"Actually, I am telling you the truth."

(Rod is hit by an invisible man with a metal pipe.)

"Great. I'll deal with you later, lady. Show yourself!"

(Rod increases the intensity of gravity, forces two men to appear. A man transforms the pipe into a gun. A Velociraptor appears near the another man.)

"Wow! Magnetism and materialization! You're Jin Yu. The another one must be "Shadowy", right? "

(They nod to Rod. Then, "Shadowy" orders the raptor to attack Rod. Jin Yu teleports "Ice Lady" away and shoots Rod.)

- Rod, "Ice Lady"

"Finish me, please."

"As you request, lady."

- Kayla Silverfox, Rod

"My dear old friend, K. I can't help on think about that, if I got your abiltiy, how powerful I can be."

"Sorry to disappoint you, old friend. I am not ready to die yet. Rod, I am here to make a deal with you. Indeed, I need your abilities."

"Really? The most famous mutant, master of time and space and the greatest leader Service Society ever have, need my help? You've got to be kidding me. Is it about that psycho genius Scofield and his crazy Club? Is he creates another dragon again?"

"Nope. There is a mess called Chen Xiao, he is far stronger than both of us. Two of my best agents, "Waitress" and "Lightning Fox" fell down. The toppest agent of UCEM, Jin Yu, lost all his powers. I can't have that, and I don't want to see Service Society confront its end. After Chen Xiao's death, you would never be chased by Service Society. "White Gloves" from The Club also want to co-operate with you. So, would you help us, my old friend?"

"This is your mess, no mine, and I don't like to make deal with a psychopath and his loyal dog with white gloves. I think our conversation is ended here, 'cause I am busy on hunting a mutant who can mentally communicate with others. Good luck, hope that you would be fine."

"I am very sad about your decision. All in all, two things I still want to remind you, if you saw Chen Xiao, be careful of his blood, 'cause it could cause ability loss if your wound touches his blood. And, don't let him drink your blood, otherwise he will evolve, which mean he could regain energy and learn your abilities."

"Thanks for your concern, but I think he is not a problem to me. Goodbye."

- Rod, "K"


  • Till now, as far as the four biggest organizations of evolved humans know, more than 380 people (including normal people and evolved humans) died because of his hunting.
  • He is in the wanted list of all organizations of evolved humans.
  • Haitian's blocking is not going to work on Rod, because he has an ability to protect him from being affected by any mental ability.
  • In 1999, ILM (International League of Mutants) declared war with Rod, soon about 600 evolved humans gathered in Genova, Italy, but they were defeated by Rod alone, and the chairman of ILM, Vincent Mason, was murdered by him. After this battle, Rod becomes invincible, no one would dare to challenge him.
  • How many abilities that Rod has absorbed are still unknown, according to SkyNet's intelligence agency, he maybe possesses more than 35 abilities.
  • Silverfox was the first victim after Rod arrived X-Men's universe, and Soundwave from Decepticons was the first victims after Rod got to Transformer's universe.


  • He is a French.
  • He is a Roman Catholic.
  • Rod's whereabouts is the most concern of many mutants, not because they want to catch him, is becaused they want to get far away from him.
  • There is only a few people who had survived from Rod's attack, like Millie Houston, Arthur Petrelli, K, Jin Yu, "Shadowy", "Ice Lady", Zan Hahn and Samson Gray.

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  • The evolved creatures are based on Primeval ([1]), Merlin ([2]) and legendary creatures ([3]).