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Super Intelligence
Held by: Kimiko Nakamura,
Albert Einstein (deceased)
Ability to: possess intelligence far above that of a genius level

Super intelligence is the ability to learn and think quickly and accurately. SkyNet developed this ability, which mean they are able to learn people's abilities through observation.


  • Kimiko Nakamura possesses this ability naturally.
  • SkyNet get this power when it were self-aware.
  • Albert Einstein also possessed this ability.
  • Presumably Isaac Newton possessed this ability after he was hit by an apple.



SkyNet's ability allows it can learn other's ability and knowledge from everywhere, such as books, TV, observations or cerebrum analysis. Also, the ability gives it a highly intelligence quotient, it can count the probability of each event and bring up serveral solutions for it. Intuitive aptitude is a byproduct of this ability as well.

With this ability, SkyNet is able to learn other's powers to observe them when they using their power, adding them to its own. It can also learn to control them more quickly than the original helders can.

SkyNet does not need to observe someone to gain their powers. SkyNet finds that it could learn the powers by analyzing their cerebrum (similar to Ability theft), understand how the power works. Unlike Sylar's power, SkyNet could learn the ability from a dead person, even their brain was stop working or destroyed, because it could reconstruct the working of the brain.

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