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Gabriel Bishop.JPG

Member: Gabriel Bishop
Character: Gabriel Bishop
Ability: Intuitive Empathy
Gabriel Bishop, is one of the two creators of Cockney Heroes. He often is nicknamed "GB", just to shorten it. He kept his name for his series. GB is an ex-Company agent who teams up with Claude, Irony, Derek and eventually Bonkin to stop villains. Gabriel's original ability was Intuitive aptitude, but was eventually lost. However he had retrieved another ability shortly after, which is his current ability now. This ability is Intuitive Empathy. He can acquire abilities the same way as Empathic Mimicry, but knows how to use it very quickly, just like his original power.

What he contributes to Cockney Heroes are to update main page and volume page, update the notice bar, and create south park images for any new characters to the series.

GB's favourite episode of Cockney Heroes is How to Stop an Exploding Van.