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How to Stop an Exploding Van

Volume: One
Number: 103
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: April 11, 2009
Previous Episode: Nemesis
Next Episode: Pinehearst

The Story

Claude, where have you been?” asked Derek.

“I can’t tell you that; it’s strictly private, between me and two of my friends.”

“What do you mean? Private? We’re supposed to be a team,” replied Derek.

“We are,” assumed Claude, “I just don’t need to tell you about this.”

Derek, eschewed, walked over to Irony and Gabriel. “Who’s our next assignment then?” he asked.

“A man called Richard Gold,” responded Irony, “and his power is alchemy.”

“Opportune name, then.”

“I guess,” said Gabriel, “but then you’d be called Derek Lightning.”

“Do you know where he is? He seems to be pretty elusive.”

“All we know is that ever since he got his Midas touch, he’s shot up from living in a one bedroom apartment to being the biggest gold dealer in the South of England, with his assets quickly expanding.”

An hour later and the team were sitting in their van outside of Hyde Park, watching Richard Gold on a picnic with his wife and three children. “Nothing strange here, what are we looking for? He just seems to be using his power for his own avail.”

“What you have to learn Derek, is that the Company doesn’t care if it doesn’t have solid evidence, they will take you, test you and slap you in Level 3.”

“Anyway Claude, why did you have to steal this crappy old van, we could’ve stolen a jag.”

“Being inconspicuous, it’s all that matters. If we are in a jag and he sees us, he is going to suspect us much more than in an old van.”

“Wait, wait, wait. Blonde, two o’clock, she’s been staring at us for the last two or three minutes.”

“Oh no,” said Claude. “Elle Bishop, a Company agent, Bob’s daughter, very powerful.”

“Is this an assignment?” asked Irony.

“No,” replied Gabriel Bishop, “there isn’t another one of them and Elle was never trusted to go on missions alone.” At that moment Elle looked straight into Gabriel’s eyes and smashed her hand down, electrifying the van in the process, causing its petrol tank to explode.

“Guys, guys are you okay?” shouted Gabriel Bishop, “I must be the only one who survived, I must have healed from the burns.” Gabriel looked around and saw that everyone was fine, nobody was even injured.

“How did this happen? Why aren’t we dead?” asked Derek.

“Hey guys, how you doing?” replied Abigail, who had encased them in a force field. “I was going to leave but, you know the whole thing with you exploding and me saving you.”

“Very funny Abigail, How did you know where we were?” said Irony, clearly annoyed.

"Since we left the Company, we have still been keeping track of their missions, we were keeping tabs on Elle to make sure she wasn't going to do anything stupid. And once you've been a Company agent, you know when you're being watched, and when someone's doing the watching." As she was saying this the police surrounded the van, headed by Officer Bonkin.

“Step away from the vehicle, put your hands up!”

They all did as instructed, were handcuffed and brought to Kensington Police Station. At the police station they were brought into a room and interrogated. "How did you escape? That blast would have killed most people, and you all escaped without a scratch on you," said the captain.

"Luck," said Irony.

"Chance," said Gabriel.

"Fortune," said Derek.

"So," said Officer Bonkin, "we have... Gabriel Bishop, Robert Smith, Abigail Grisby, Derek Simmonds and Claude Rains, the invisible man huh? Well then," said Officer Bonkin, "your van was destroyed, none of you had a scratch on you and you won’t tell me anything. I can only assume this was an insurance scam, so I'm going to have to nick you."

"Wait!" said Irony, racking his brain to think of a plan, "can I talk to you alone, for just a few seconds?"

"Are you going to tell me about what happened?"

"Hand on heart," said Irony, while leaving the room with Officer Bonkin. Irony grabbed his arm and drained his power, exactly like he would to a person with an ability. But, as Officer Bonkin didn't have an ability Irony was draining his life-force. As he drained it further, Officer Bonkin, became weak, his skin shriveled, his eyes glossed over and his brain went into recession causing him to become immobile. “Let’s go!” shouted Irony.

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