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Gabriel Bishop
Gabriel Bishop.JPG
First appearance Hidden in the Darkness
In-story stats
Known abilities Original Ability:
Intuitive Aptitude (lost)
Current Ability:
Intuitive Empathy
Known Absorbed Abilities:
Activation and Deactivation,
Electrical Manipulation,
Formal name Charlie Ashby
Nickname One of Them
Age 19
Date of birth 1988
Date of death 2007
Home London, England
Significant other Jenny Rowland
Assignment tracker CH01

Gabriel Bishop was a former Company agent who rebelled, and joined a London-based group called Cockney Heroes. He was the leader of the group, however, after the group was split up by the government (who captured several members of the group), Gabriel left for America. However, when he returned the London, Gabriel died at the hands of Consuela Hammock.

Character History

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Gabriel Bishop: Volume One history.

Gabriel waits with Claude and Irony for Derek so he can join the team that was formed of people with abilities. When teaching Derek to use and control, Derek spots a Company agent who has come to the warehouse. He was stopped by Irony and then interrogated. His name was Frederick Davies, but escaped with his partner's help. Their next assignment was to help a man named Richard Gold, however Elle Bishop arrives and causes losses him. After losing the police, they are offered to join Pinehearst, but reject. Gabriel soon tells the rest of the group his story, his background when he was at the company. After telling their stories, they soon get a heads up from Officer Bonkin, say where Jack will murder next. The Cockney Heroes recruit Jenny Rowland go to find Jack the Ripper. Once thy confront him, Gabriel nearly looses his life after Irony was possessed. Though after a fight broke out at the hospital between Jack and the others, Gabriel woke up and defeated Jack with a bit of a shock along with a new power.


Derek and Irony talk about how they don't know where Gabriel and Jenny are now.

Live Together, Die Alone

When Abigail recieves a phone call, she wonders if it is Gabriel. Later, when saving Ed Miller, Claude says to hurry it up so they can find Gabriel, Derek, and Irony.

Dave Rogers, Part 3

In 2005, Dave Rogers threatens Jack Steelson in Steelson's Level 5 cell, saying that he will hunt Steelson down for what he did to Dave's girlfriend. As Dave gets ready to leave, he passes Gabriel and Frederick and leaves without a word.

Two years later, he receives a call from Gabriel, saying he is rebelling against the Company and wants to help him, if he breaks his friend out of a prison. He also stated that two other specials will be joining him to do the job. Dave reluctantly agrees after Gabriel tells him that he will help Dave hunt down Jack Steelson (who had recently escaped Level 5.

The Wanderer Returns

As Bobby is about to shoot Irony, Gabriel uses electricity to kill Bobby. However, Consuela turns the tables on the reunion, and orders Officer Bonkin to shoot Gabriel. When Bonkin refuses, Consuela shoots Gabriel herself in the head.

Room 410

Gabriel's body is dumped into a skip by Irony and the rest of the team. The team have a discussion about their latest mission near the body's dump site, but when it is suggested that Kate Thornton use her ability of animation to animate Gabriel's dead body, the group shockingly finds that Gabriel's body is missing.

Evolved Human Abilities

Original ability

Gabriel's original ability was intuitive aptitude. Unlike others with this ability, he didn't suffer the murderous hunger and used instead the empathic side of it. With intuitive aptitude, he acquired following abilities:

Along with intuitive aptitude, all of Gabriel's acquired abilities were gone when Irony accidentally drained them all away.

Current ability

Gabriel's power was reactivated by Jenny Rowland. However, it was different from his former ability, because its abilities absorbing effect was no longer passive. Gabriel called it 'intuitive empathy', pointing out that his new ability is a mix of intuitive aptitude and empathic mimicry. Gabriel absorbed a number of new abilities.

Gabriel stated that he couldn't absorb Irony's ability for an unknown reason.

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