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Audrey Hanson
Portrayed by Clea DuVall
First appearance The First Step
In-story stats
Known ability None
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA
Occupations Company Director (retired),
former Regional Director of Primatech Barstow,
former Agent of Primatech Barstow,
former FBI Agent

Audrey Hanson is a version of Audrey Hanson in The World Entire universe. She is a former agent and director of the Company, formerly an agent of the FBI.

Character History

Volume One:Cataclsym

Audrey interviews with Angela Petrelli, desiring to use her skills with an agency that will actually combat the Special problem. Angela reminds her that the Company's job is not to persecute all Specials, only the delinquent ones. Audrey states that she is on board with that. Audrey soon spots Sylar in a hallway and immediately shoots him twice in the shoulder. Elle Gray quickly electrocutes Audrey as Ryan Covington and Bess Detskij draw their guns to her head. Audrey learns that Gabriel is reformed and is given the res of the day off by Angela.

Audrey is partnered with Sparrow Redhouse, a fairly new agent. On their first mission against Hugh Ogden, Audrey demonstrates amazing skills but unfortunately, Sparrow does not. As she is badly injured, Audrey captures Ogden and calls an ambulance for Sparrow. Later, Audrey argues with Angela and soon reveals to Sparrow that she has been put on desk duty. Eventually given a new partner, Meredith Gordon quickly becomes a friend to Audrey, who is surprised to learn that Meredith had a child to the president.

Audrey is soon sent to Port Reyes alongside Meredith, Bess, Ryan, Elle and Gabriel and the team attempt to apprehend numerous inmates, all with deadly abilities. The group are eventually joined by Pinehearst agents and together, they manage to get the situation under control. Returning to Primatech, Audrey and Meredith are given the assignment to destroy Pinehearst. With the help of Barbara Zimmerman they succeed.

Audrey is last seen attending an agent training seminar headed by her old friend Matt Parkman.

Volume Two:Progeny

In 2012, Audrey deals with Danny Pine, who is trying to escape from his cell at Primatech Barstow. When Danny attempts to attack Audrey, she simply electrocutes him with some wires and, after rendering him unconscious, continues with her work. After successfully fixing his cell's locking system, Audrey tells Elle that they should use a Doberman chain to hold Danny. Elle remembers that Audrey once mentioned owning a Doberman named Pixiebelle, to which Audrey happily confirms. Audrey then shoots Gabriel and is warned by Bess not to shoot him on Company property.

Hanson's career at the Company takes an upward path, as she was Company Director for a time in the late 2020s. Growing weary of the position, she trains and promotes Matt Parkman into her job. She also attends Sparrow Redhouse's wedding as a bridesmaid.

Memorable Quotes

“Whose Psychobitch? His girlfriend?”


“Lovely couple. Sorry I missed the wedding. Did you serve hor d’brains?”

- Audrey, Ryan. (To Elle and Gabriel)

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