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Bess Detskij
Bess Detskij.jpg
Portrayed by Olga Sosnovska
First appearance The Right Choice
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Elizaveta Detskij,
Елизавета Детский
Place of birth Volgograd, Russia
Residences New York, NY,
Barstow, CA (former)
Occupations Director of the Company (retired),
Regional Director of Primatech Barstow (former),
Agent of the Company (former)

Elizaveta "Bess" Detskij is a semi-original character in The World Entire universe. She is a human and a former agent of the Company. She was later promoted to Regional Director of Barstow, then to Company Director, a position that she has retired from.

Character History

My Firefly

The morning before the Costa Verde Disaster, Elle Gray leaves home early to meet with her partner, Bess Detskij. She remind her husband that she hates him.

Volume One: Cataclysm

Bess and Elle are assigned to work alongside newly partner Gabriel and Ryan Covington. She is a tall, brunette woman with a Russian accent who Ryan immediately takes a liking to (The Right Choice). The two sets of partners are assigned to deal with Cris and Doug in Los Angeles (The First Domino). Bess and Ryan both attempt to use their guns to subdue the pair, but to no effect. Doug melts the concrete, and they survive by climbing on top of the car. She shoots Doug in the eye, not injuring him but distracting him enough for Elle to take him out. She later, ironically, shatters Cris's knee (The First Step).

Later, after the fight, Ryan continues to flirt with Bess, who is wholly uninterested, despite Elle’s claim that they’re a cute couple. The conversation is interrupted by Audrey Hanson’s attempted killing of Gabriel. Bess holds Audrey at gunpoint, though she explains that it’s for her own protection from the wildcard Elle, and that she rather supports her desire to kill Gabriel (What We Have Become).

Bess is present at the Port Reyes Prison breakout. She subdues a durable inmate by stabbing him in the ear with a fountain pen. She is leapt upon by another inmate, but Elle and Ryan easily take him out. She, Elle, Gabriel, and Ryan are among the agents who going inside the prison yard, but cannot defeat them. After a Powered Legion team subdues the population, she drags Elle away despite Gabriel's disappearance (Falling Angels).

Bess is present for the preparation for the Hartsdale Offensive, showing a lack of amusement for Gabriel and Elle's strange affection (Beckoning Titans). During the battle, Bess and Elle try to fight off Claire Bennet. When Edward Pall and Echo DeMille join the fight, she protects Elle from Echo's sonic attacks. Gabriel tells her to leave Claire to him and Elle, and she is sent to the atrium (The Moment of Conflict).

Bess is mentioned by Angela as being promoted to the position of Regional Director for Primatech Barstow, a position she apparently has been angling for for a year (The Moments to Come).

Volume One: Cataclysm

Bess, as Regional Director of Primatech Barstow, is in Barstow during the Odessa Disaster, having criticized Audrey Hanson for shooting Gabriel Gray, on account of the mess.

Bess is later promoted to Company Director in 2015 after Meredith Gordon steps down. Unlike Meredith's casual swearing-in ceremony, Bess plans an elaborate event, including a reception.

By 2029, Bess is no longer Director. Any position, if any, in the Company she holds is unknown.

Memorable Quotes

"You're delusional. Clinically."

- Bess, concerning Elle's opinion that she and Ryan make a cute couple. (What We Have Become)

"I'd gladly give you my gun to shoot him a few more times, but I'm actually protecting you from Blondie McBugzapper and Johnny Boy Scout."

- Bess to Audrey (What We Have Become)

"Men. Bábnik."

- Bess, using the Russian slanging roughly translating to "dogs". (Falling Angels)



  • Bess knows the Russian martial arts called Systema.

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  • For the canon version of this character in the present, see Angela's aide.

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