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Edward Pall
Edward Pall.jpg
Portrayed by Matt Dallas
First appearance An Irresistible Force
In-story stats
Known ability Super speed
Occupation former Agent of Pinehearst

Edward Pall is an original character in The World Entire universe. He is a Special and an agent trainer of the Pinehearst Company.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Pall is a cocky member of Claire Bennet's team. His first assignment with the team is dealing with the Port Reyes Prison breakout. His is injured by an inmate, you uses inertia amplification while he is running rapidly, causing him to stop short with massive internal injuries. Claire is forced to save him using her blood. He is also part of the cleanup effort following Sylar's attack at the prison yard.

Edward Pall is part of Arthur Petrelli's attack on Primatech Hartsdale. He trips on a guide wire and is blinded by a booby-trap flash, which causes him to crash into a tree. Arthur, however, grabbed his body, and teleported him inside, using heat to rouse him. Pall fights in the atrium, but his efforts are in vain when Claire abandons her team and Arthur is rendered catatonic by the Haitian. He escapes with Flint, Echo, and Piper, but finds Pinehearst Headquarters in flames.

Pall, with no job and no direction, joins the Powered Legion, but one day in, the Epidemic occurs, robbing him of his abilities.

It is unknown whether Pall ever got his abilities back, though it is likely, since both Flint and Piper did, via rehabilitation and military conscription, respectively.

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