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In-story stats
Known abilities Empathic mimicry
Known abilities mimicked:
Adoptive muscle memory (Advanced),
Enhanced strength,
Induced radioactivity,
Aliases Darth Yotho, DarthSark
Age 18
Date of birth May 20th
Occupation Student
I am
from the

About Me

Hello everyone..

I'm one of the international visitor here, Holland loves Heroes too

I'm fresh out of Highschool, no more senior year.

I love creating special effects and sharimg them on youtube.

But no only that, I like to write, act and produce the video's even more.

Random Facts

I never really wanted to make a user page, but then I saw one and took some idea's from it. Source: RGS

My favorite color is blue, god how tipical

I speak fluent English, Dutch and German.

I eat a lot, but somehow I never get fat.

I've recently purchased an iPod Touch, which of course is full of Heroes and Lost episodes.

I have no body art, though maybe a helix somewhere that you can't see the tattoo while wearing clothes, but like when your on the beach ..

My ambitions lie in the writing of scrips and just pitching out idea's. Another passion of mine is acting.

I really like watching television shows such as Alias, Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Lost, HEROES, Grey's Anatomy, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG:1, Gilmore Girls .. shall I go on?

I am the fourth of fifteen grandchildren on one side of the family.

I love Heroes, I just do.

Darth Yotho Gallery

Heroes Wiki Heroes Webisodes

After making some Youtube video's which were longer then the ones that I usually make. I decided to make a short-story that ties into other video's I have made in the past. It's about a teenage boy from New York who finds out he is special and how someone innocent can turn out to be a villain. Video's that I have created in the past are part of a larger story.


View here.

Somewhere in New York city, near the Company's brooklyn facility, a evolved human is about to be taken from the streets by one of the companies agents. As the boy takes a shortcut home he is confronted by one of the companies agents. The boy doesn't know what to do other then take cover from the lightning blasts. But then as the Company agent closes in on him he sees something moving in the sky. Somebody taking off from the ground. As he reads the patern of this action he then somehow mimics it and makes it out just before the agent moves to his location. Leaving the agent far behind in the alley.

"Family Ties"

Coming this Fall

After escaping his run in with one of the Company's agents in New York Yoeri is forced into hiding. Not only is he chased after by the Company, his family is too. After receiving a text message he realizes what he has to do, save his gifted cousin, who is targeted next. He picks him up from school and the two manage to get out of harms way.

Ian tells Yoeri that they have to go back for his sister who was supposed to pick him up. As Yoeri rushes back with Ian they find Elise near a van. Ian wants to go in but Yoeri tell him it's a trap. The two hide behind a car, and then see the company Agent appearing from behind the corner with a ball of electricity, aimed for Elise. Ian decides to take matters into his own hands turn invisible and moves away from Yoeri. Moments later Yoeri sees a wooden board turn invisible and anticipates Ian's next move.

To get in position and protect Elise he takes a leap into the air which gets him behind Elise. At the same time the Agent is hit by someone invisible and falls to the ground. It is then revealed it was Ian who hit the Agent with the wooden board. Elise calls Ian and Yoeri to her. The agent charges for another blast, but as soon as the boys join hands with Elise they get swept away. The Agent misses them by a second.

In Texas they reappear in a cornfield somewhere for a short reunion. Yoeri realizes, that like what happened to his own life, the life of his family will never be the same again. The group say their goodbye's to one another and each go their seperate ways.

"Primum non nocer" ("Do No Harm")

Coming Soon


One week later after saving his family from the agent, Yoeri flies home and just as he wants to go inside his appartment he walks into an ambush by a familiar face. Can he face the electric agent again? And will the new Company be able to tag this high-ranking threat?

"The Villain Within Me"

View here.

A year into the future Yoeri has joined the new Company reformed by Angela and is working for their Brooklyn facility. Having dealed with shrinks, other doctors he has been cleared from being the "Level 5 threat" and is now one of the Company's agents. We follow him on his third bag and tag operation. While Yoeri's Partner waits outside ready for the extraction Yoeri confronts the New York Target, Danielle who has a ability of her own. His partner knocks down the power grid of the old archive room leaving Danielle alone in the dark with her attacker. As he hovers to her location she reacts instantly and wards her attacker off. She grabs him by the throat and tries to choke her attacker. But as he becomes short of air he decides to use one of his earlier aquired abilities.

Danielle thinks she has her attacker, unfortunately she's wrong. Yoeri uses this opportunity to blind her by emitting light from his entire body. In an instantaneous reaction she throws him across the archive room. Danielle tries to run but Yoeri reacts immediately by knocking her down with a lightning bolt. He missed the first time, but the second bolt hits her in the back, rendering her unconscious.

Yoeri makes the call to his partner telling him she's no longer a problem and she is ready for transport.

To Do

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