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Jimmy Wright
Portrayed by Christian Bale
First appearance Welcome to The Company
In-story stats
Known ability Spontaneous Combustion
Formal name James Matthew Wright
Nickname Jimmy Boy
Age 35
Place of birth Birmingham, Alabama
Home Quantum Island
Occupation Former criminal
Assassin for Quantum
Significant other Janice Miller
Parent Lt. Col. Barry Wright
Other relatives Brother in Law
Jack Miller

Jimmy Wright is an evolved human with the ability of Spontaneous Combustion. Jimmy is also an assassin for Quantum.


Character History

Bring Him In

Jimmy was one of Reyes's first assignments. Reyes started chasing him, but then lost him when Reyes turned his back.

Welcome to The Company

Jimmy is John's first assignment. He is chased by John's partner Lance, while John is instructed to take him out with a gun. John does not do it, so Lance tries by himself. Though due to his power, Lance was almost taken out by am exploding garbage can.

He later entered an office building and ignited a man with his power. He said to him that Quantum says hi.


Jimmy is found by the company so John and Lance go after him. When they finally catch up to him, John shoots him, but Jimmy melts it with his ability. So he turns toward Lance and blows up a heated grill just a few feet away from him, leaving him ignited in flames, thrown a few feet back.


Jimmy entered a tall skyscraper under construction when John and Reyes found him. The two agents began fighting and during their fight, Jimmy was going to stab Reyes, but John stopped him by shooting him in the shoulder. When Reyes stopped fighting, he shot Jimmy again, and then was going to kill him. But John stopped Reyes from doing it, and they started fighting again. Jimmy blew up a machine with his power and exploded the entire building.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jimmy has the ability to cause people and objects spontaneously burst into flames. He his very precise with his power, able to target certain objects from a far distance.

This ability is often stronger when the Jimmy is angry.



  • Jimmy is right handed.
  • Jimmy's favorite band is Gun's N' Roses

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