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  • Three years ago, Reyes is targeted and imprisoned in Level 5.
  • Reyes begins working for the Company.
  • We see who first recruited Reyes.

Story Development

Angela Petrelli · Clairsentience · Thompson


Present day - 2007

When Reyes returned from his mission, he is greeted by Angela Petrelli in Level 5. Angela begins,

"Nicely done tagging Daniel Richards. You are a valued agent. But, you are done for the day." She unlocks a door to one of the cells, and Reyes walks in. The door closes and it then locks. He lays down on his bed. He thinks about when he first was captured then recruited.

Level 5. My home. This cell has been my room for three years. Why am I doing this? Capturing my own kind. I have the power to stop them. Or, do I?

9 years ago - 1998

An agent of the Company walks into the office that belongs to the boss. The boss is sitting in his chair facing the opposite direction of the agent who came in, looking out the window. The agent says to him, "Sir, we know where the man you’re looking for is."

The boss replies, "Good then, but be careful. Remember that he is fast strong, and he knows things before you do."

"What do you want us to do when we find him? Tag him?"

Thompson turns around in his chair and looks at the agent with an idea in his head. He then says, "No, don’t tag him... Bring him in."

Thompson. This was all him. He is the reason why I am here. One of us, One of them. They say that around here. Almost sounds racist. We are an "us". We are just different. But because we are different, we are called a "them". With my abilities, I guess I'm supposed to be here.

The same agent came in and says, "Mr. Thompson, we have him. He is being transferred to Level 5."

"Really. I didn't expect that. How did you catch him so easily?"

"Well he took us down pretty good. But we brought Claude along with us. So he tackled him without being seen."

Suddenly an alarm went off, and a guard yelled, "HE BROKE FREE! HE GOT AWAY!" Thompson rolled his eyes and got up from his chair. Reyes was running down the hall, who was spotted by Thompson around the corner in the mirror. As soon as Reyes reached the fork in the hall, Thompson came out and tasered him in the neck. Reyes woke up in a interrogation room, tied to a chair. "You gave us some trouble earlier.", said Thompson who had just walked in.

"Why am I here?" asked Reyes. "Because your different". Thompson turned his head to the open door, and so did Reyes. There was a girl there, who fired up her hand with electricity.

"You're, one of them. I am offering you to either join us here at the Company, we could lock you up, kill you, or wipe your memories to forget everything. If I were in your position, The Company would be looking good to me. If you joined us, you would have friends."

"What would I do here if I accepted?" asked a curious Reyes. Thompson replied, "Exactly what we just did to you. Bring in the dangerous ones, or just capture and release after tagging them."

Reyes asked in the slightest of hope, "I don't have any other options, do I?" Thompson shook his head. "Alright, I'll help." he agreed distrustfully.

That is why my room is in Level 5. I could have escaped if I used my power to know when he turned the corner. They know I'm dangerous and are afraid I'll run away. But I have no where to go, for I am now a company man. My first few assignments, didn't go that well. I was supposed to go after a man, a taxi driver. His name was Charlie Henderson. When I shot him, in the back, my partner congratulated me on the good aim. But Henderson stood up, healed then drove off in the taxi. Another was Linda Hurley, a mother of a three year old. I may be fast, but she sped off before I could blink. My next one, well I sucked big time there. I had no idea what he could do or who he was, but when I saw him, I ran after him, but I lost him. He must have turned a corner while I wasn't looking. But I did get better over time. I used my powers more often. Became more of a detective. Touched items to know where they have been, and read their thoughts to hear where they are. But most of all my accuracy with a gun. I love that ability. It has help many times.

"Jonathon, bring me the agent. I need to speak to him.", requested Thompson. Reyes walked in his office, and sat down. "You have a new assignment. Luis Salem. Occupation, bank accountant. Power, Phasing. Mission, tag him. Can you handle that?"

"Yes sir."

Present day

The Agent is what they are calling me. They thought I was their best agent, besides this guy with glasses. But anyways, I did the job in about a half hour, after I left the office. So, even though Thompson is dead now, and I could probably leave, I don't want to. I started to like it. Huh. apparently there is an emergency. Well there you go, duty calls. This is who I am now. I'm just the agent.


Memorable Quotes

"Thompson. This was all him."

- Reyes (Thinking to himself)


  • This is the only episode that revolves around one character, who also thinks to himself for most of it, besides the small porstion of Season Two's Disorientation.

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