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Company Soldier.jpg
First appearance Plans
In-story stats
Known abilities Accelerated Probability
Telepathy (Synthetic, Lost)
Clairsentience (Synthetic, Lost)
Alias The Agent
Age Presumed 28
Date of birth Presumed 1979
Place of birth Unknown
Home Fort Lee, NJ
Residence A cell in Level 5
Occupations Company Agent - Joined at age 19, year 1998

Reyes is also known as The Agent, who is apart of the Company.

Character History


Reyes a company agent, targets his assignment, Daniel Richards, who has the power of telekinesis. Reyes gets him by using his speed, strength, and his telepathy. He shoots him with a gun that has two needles at the tip, and shoot his with a tranquilizer. He leaves him there, and goes home.

Bring Him In

Reyes is captured and recruited by the Company. When he goes on his first few assignments, he finds that he isn't very good. But over time he realizes he must use his abilities. He was given the alias The Agent when he started to be the best at these missions.

It is found out that he resides in a cell, located in Level 5. This is because he almost escaped once, and didn't want to take another chance. Even though he does not want to leave, and is now liking the missions, they still fear, he could and will kill them.

New Partner

When he is assigned as John's new partner, they talk about abilities. They are then told to bring in two doctors. He reads Angela's mind and learns she is looking for the formula. He then forces her to tell them what it is. She explains it gives abilities and that Reyes was the test subject when he was a kid. He was granted these telepathy and clairsentience, after they perfected many failed experiments. He was mutating each time they injected him. But he went back to normal once they got it right.

Gained and Lost

Reyes goes to Reseda with John to find answers. He then tells Zimmerman to take away the two abilities he gained synthetically. He is injected with a virus which takes all of his abilities, but is then cured with a regenerator's blood. Only his core ability of Accelerated Probability remains with him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Reyes has multiple abilities of enhanced strength, telepathy, and clairsentinece. He has evolved his abilities to become very powerful, the main reason why the Company wanted him.

Accelerated Probability allows Reyes to catch and stop people faster, due to his speed, strength and reflexes. He loves this ability, especially when things slow down.

The Agent has developed his telepathy, just like Matt. He can read minds, see the future and wipe memories.

Reyes has been using his abilities to capture evolved humans. His powers helped him greatly. He uses his telepathy and clairsentience to find them. To know where they have been and to see where they will be. After he finds them he uses his strength to stop them, and often his reflexes, depending on how quick his assignment is.

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