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This is a list of all the characters that doesn't have thier own articles.


  • Bridget's friend
Such a character actually does not exist. Bridget Bailey wrote an email to Chandra Suresh, speaking about a friend of her having strange experiences. Later, it is revealed that she was speaking about herself. (Bridget's messages)
Usually called Uncle Burk, he's the late uncle of Isaac Mendez. He has been one of the few people in Isaac's life that supported Isaac's love for comic books. In 2002, Isaac self-publishes his own comic book line: Uncle Burk's Fine Comics; in Burk's name. Burk is actually named for Burk Sauls, the propsmaster who originally coloured some of Tim Sale's work, before Dave Stewart took over the job. (Don't Look Back)


She tells Mrs. Bennet that Mr. Muggles is not breed-worthy. (Genesis)
  • Chennai University Spokesperson
After the death of Chandra Suresh, he describes Chandra as a brilliant and dedicated researcher, a popular tutor and a passionate, if sometimes controversial scientist. He further states that the scientific community will sorely miss Chandra. (Suresh's Loft)


He is one of Isaac Mendez's early instructors. Urged by him, Isaac hons his art skills and takes various summer classes to help develop his craft. (Don't Look Back)
Lyle's friend who mistakes a homeless Mexican man for dead. (Genesis)


A co-worker of Chandra Suresh, left a message for him wondering why he hasn't turned in his trip sheet from last week. (Don't Look Back)


  • Hiro's grandfather
He survived the explosion at Hiroshima, but died of cancer. (The Crane)


  • Jackie's mother
Jackie's mother has told Jackie that her hands are very dainty. (Don't Look Back)


  • Mexican man
Lyle and his friend Doug, sees on their way home, a homeless Mexican guy. Doug mistakes him for a dead man. (Genesis)


A blonde woman who schedules Nathan's programs during his campaign. (Genesis)

In Genesis, Peter talks to Nathan in front of her, about flying. Nathan smiles and asks her if the agenda in the list he has in hand are all undecideds. She confirms.


  • Old man
Sitting down on a park bench next to an old man, Hiro reveals that he is named in memory of the Hiroshima bomb from which his grandfather survived. The old man gets up and walks away—he's not Hiro's grandfather after all. (The Crane)


  • Parapsychic
Mohinder checks some of the Genesis files, at the same time placing pins to the map according the information in the files. One of the files is Parapsychology. Mohinder places a pin to Los Angeles at the same time reading the file's contents. It is seen that some auditory experiment and some other measuring the brain waves have been performed to the subject. (Genesis)


  • Radiation victim
Mohinder checks some of the Genesis files, at the same time placing pins to the map according the information in the files. In the files, a photo of a victim of 15 years of radiation is seen. He has leisures all over his back, a slipped skin and dissolving connective tissue. Just after Mohinder looks to his file, he places a pin to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. (Genesis)
A teacher at Union Wells High School, for whom Zach says he's doing a special effects project. (Zach's MySpace)


The man who helps Nathan to conceal the news about his mother's shoplifting. (Genesis)

"I owe you big on this one Tom." -- Nathan to Tom (on telephone)

  • Train conductor
Hiro wishing not to go to work, tries to use a Jedi force on the mind of a train conductor. The train does arrive anyway, however 14 seconds late. (Hiro's blog)