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Portrayed by Jason!
Powers make penguins appear from thin air
Alias Hooded Hero
Sex Pirate
Date of birth September 28th
Occupation Student and Vigilante
Favorite Heroes quote "I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman!" -Nathan
Favorite quote From Date Movie, "Damn! I would tear that shit up!"
Favorite color I have Grapheme color synesthesia. I have a lot of favorite colors.
Favorite episode Unexpected, Five Years Gone, The Kindness of Strangers, Cautionary Tales, Powerless
Favorite graphic novel 'War Buddies, Part 3, Walls, Part 2
Favorite character Monica, D.L., Hiro
Favorite power Adoptive muscle memory, Space-time manipulation, Flight, Freezing, Enhanced strength

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The Hero Known Whereabouts Ability Creator
Briar Evans New York City, New York He can see extremely far as if something were right next to him. He can also see microscopic things. Jason Garrick
Paul Jenkins Kent, England Is able to absorb all kinds of energy through touch, storing it in the body like a battery. Holding too much energy results in blackouts, until the energy naturally drains away. There are limits, and much like a battery, reserves of energy can run out and need replenishing. But through practice, he is finding it easier to hold higher amounts of energy, for longer periods of time. Some examples- holding electric cables can result in lightning powers similar to Elle Bishop. Holding a lighter next to the skin can store enough heat energy to burn air surrounding the body, resulting in Firestarting similar to Meredith Gordon. Being hit by an enemy will transfer the kinetic energy to him,so not only will the blow feel very soft, but he can use the absorbed kinetic energy and his own energy to counter-attack with enhanced strength. Time in the sun results his body becoming a light source, and through intense strain, gravitational energy can be slightly altered for breif levitation ability- suitable only for acrobatics and reducing the impact of a fall, anything more can become strenuous. Altering gravitational energy becomes much more difficult due to the earths own massive pull being exerted. Jake Smith
Charly Jenkins Kent, England Sister of Paul. posseses very limited power to transfer energy, although she can only hold very little and cannot use it like her brother, only put it into something else. Although she is not well armed in combat, she is able to act as an earth for her brother, draining him when he has absorbed too much and potentially saving his life on many occasions. She can also act as a reserve for her brother, holding energy that her brother may have little room left for in his own body. Whilst They are in contact, their energetic abilities are potentially unlimited- whilst Paul may exert the energy Charly can store it and transfer it to her brother. She was the person who first aided Paul to levitate, transfering gravitational energy to him in masses he could never accomplish. Jake Smith
Tyler Tanner New York City, New York He can create illusions. Although to him he still looks the same but when he creates an illusion he disappears and is untouchable. Jason Garrick
Paul Nicols New York City, New York Potentially one of the most powerful heroes. He can project plasma blasts from his hands. His power caused the death of his best friend. Jason Garrick
Carrey Belle Miami, Florida She can project her spirit out of her body and fly at 500 mph while in the form and phase through anything. She does not feel heat nor cold or able to feel any pain in this state. If her body dies while in this form she is stuck in spirit form. Jason Garrick
Zeke McConners Dublin, Ireland Able to run up to 100 mph when concentrating. He sometimes has outbursts of speed that allow him to run at the speed of sound. He needs to take steroids to access this power. Jason Garrick
Kylee Johnson Miami, Florida She can being any inanimate object to life for a short time. When she first started using the power she learned how to talk to an inanimate object without actually bringing it to life. Jason Garrick
Anna Zhao Hong Kong, China Her hands glow a yellowish color and she can burn through anything. Jason Garrick
Coach Tanner (deceased) New York City, New York He can control fire. Although he can still be hurt by it. He is killed by suicide. Jason Garrick
Mickey McConners Dublin, Ireland With alcohol he has enhanced strength. Jason Garrick
Matthew Millar London, Britain He can generate air fields. Air fields are force fields made out of air but the air is so condensed it'd take a density controller to move through them. He can also change the temperature in the air a considerable amount but not the weather. Jason Garrick
Tyko London, England He can adapt to the environment and camouflague like a chameleon. Jason Garrick
Meeka Miami, Florida Meeka can control glass at her will and make it come together. Jason Garrick
Zykon Worldly He is similar to Sylar, as he kills other supers so he'll be the only one. He has the power of magnetism and his hands glow purplish. Jason Garrick
Helio Worldy He can control his density and the density of others. But not of other things. Jason Garrick
Patience, Carla and Roxanne New York City, New York Patience, Carla and Roxanne are all the same person just with personality disorder. Each has a differenct power. Patience is super balanced. Carla has super accuracy and Roxanne has super reflexes much to that of Spiderman. Jason Garrick
Kelly Nicols New York City, New York Little does she know, but she can heighten the powers of others. This is dangerous because her husband has the most powerful and most unstable power of all. Jason Garrick
Charles Kennel Miami, Florida He can detect many things. He can detect lies and he can see astral forms and invisible people. Jason Garrick
Blank Berlin Long Island, New York Along with his ability to speak any language, including animal, he can shapeshift into any race or animal to match.
Oscar Schenck Dresden, Germany In the blackest dark, he can see as clearly as he would if the area he was was lit. When there is light, he must wear sunglasses to protect his eyes.
Ayira Asantewa Nairobi, Kenya She can generate vocal sounds to a higher amplitude than other humans. (Sonic Scream)
Elisa McIlroy Dublin, Ireland -
Patrick Sanders Riverside, Rhode Island Although he's just 14 he can use telekinesis. However this only happens when he's actively concentrating. He first found this out in school. Patrick 20:19, 8 April 2007 (EDT)
Dominique Rains Los Angeles, California Can create electricity from her body as well as control the flow of electricity in appliances around her. Leshia
Genevieve Duquette Virginia Beach, Virginia Is completely indestructable. Nothing can penetrate her skin and her bones cannot be broken. Even her hair and nails can only be cut after reaching a certain length. Leshia
Shawn Pent New York, New York Can teleport through shadows. Heroe
David Walsh San Diego, California Dynamic camouflage- The ablity to blend into your surroundings. Also has a low resistance to telepathy Heroe
Link Wilson New York City, New York Can emit EMP with his mind, similar to Ted Sprague, in the fact that it is hard to control. Additonally, the power can vary in intensity, from minor emissions to a devastating, hundred mile wide pulse, although the latter would likely kill him. TaranKasara
Damien Arc Plano, Texas Can project his soul into the body of other living beings giving him temporary control over them. If killed while out of his body he inherits the body he is in and assumes their identity. Incidentally, due to carelessness, the body he currently possesses is not his original body. All that is known of his original identity is that his name was Jacob Q. Gabriel Sylar
Alexander Davis (Empathic Prodigy) New York City, New York Can connect to any person and absorb their knowledge and skills. This includes their abilities as well. Like Sylar, Alex has no trouble mastering others abilities. However, absorbing their knowledge can corrupt his own mind, making it hard for him to separate his personality with those he's absorbed. Empath2380
Dale Keelan Roberts Las Vegas, Nevada (Last seen in New York City, New York with best friend Lenny Gouldsmith and older sister Henrietta Roberts. Lives in Newport Beach, Orange County) Dale has the ability to mimic and enhance the abilities of any animal that exists or has existed via access to the animal kingdom, "Animalia". When he adopts the ability of an animal, his iris becomes as black as his pupil but instantly return to normal when he is finished using an ability. When he also adopts an ability, the helix symbol appears on his back but dissappears when he is finished with an ability. When adopting an ability, Dale has some problems because its not always the ability he wants. If he calls for a specific animals ability, he receives a different ability from a different animal. His emotions spontaneously trigger abilities without him knowing or chossing to as his eyes remain normal however, the helix symbol still appears on his back. Dale has strived to use his abilities less as it causes him to lose sanity thus he acts less human and more like an animal if he chooses to use it too much. he has to find a balance between his human self and animal self. Psionic Energy from "Animalia" has granted Dale telepathic abilities to both humans and animals. He can hear the thoughts of humans but only what they are thinking, he can't explore within their minds for a specific piece of information. He has the same result with animals. He has the ability to telepathically communicate with animals and humans but he can choose to verbally communicate with animals and he understands them almost perfectly. Dale has the ability to generate force fields by drawing energy from "Animalia". He can use the force fields as a form of protection or as force blasts which he throws or blasts. Dale can only generate round or curved force fields which he can only generate, throw, blast or levitate. Dale has innate hacking skills which he uses to his advantage or pleasure. Lobijo92
Henrietta Geneveve Roberts Las Vegas, Nevada (Last seen in New York City, New York with younger brother Dale Roberts and his bestfriend Lenny Gouldsmith. Lives in Newport Beach, Orange County but attends University of Miami in Miami, Florida) Henrietta has the ability to bend light. She can bend light in a large area or focus on a much smaller area. She can use her abilities to conceal specific objects or people. Her powers grant her the ability to turn invisible either by bending light willingly, or having the light bent around her due to a change in her emotions. She doesn't turn invisible when she's happy or angry, only when she's scared, sick, etc. She can bend light to create and cast basic light based illusions. She can cast illusions as high and long as 300metres. The only problem Henrietta has with her illusions is that they she cannot make her illusions equipt the other four senses (Taste, Hearing, Touch, Smell). Henrietta has the ability to negate light in a specific area by bending it away from that area. She performs this ner effortlessly and has the ability to maintain the darkness in that area. The light may only return if she allows the light to enter the area. She can also use this to her advantage as she can do the same to light that goes to the pupil of someone. She can cause the pupil of the eye to negate all light entering it thus making someone blind. Her powers seem to work best during the day as there is more light unlike than at night when there is less light for her to use. She can still bend light at night but not as well as during the day. Her ability to maintain darkness in a specific area still works at night. She has the ability to bend light in and from external sources such as torches, fires, lamps, etc. Henrietta has the ability to bend a narrow strand of light into a tight, precise laser beam capable of cutting through most things. She can control the laser beam near effortlessly through hand based guidence. She has the ability to control its direction, amplitude(intensity), frequency (colour) and Duration. Her abilities have given Henrietta acute sight thus allowing her to view things almost clearly in darkness but not as clear as night vision and she can view things far away but not at a microscopic range. Just like her brother Dale, Henrietta has the helix symbol on her left hand just above her left thumb and index finger. The only difference is that it never fades, it is constantly there unless she bends the light around it to conceal it. She is a skilled detective and she is studying toxicology in hopes of working in the fashion industry creating new products. Her knowledge in toxicology is also an advantage as she can use it to poison her enemies. Lobijo92
Lenndall "Lenny" Parker Gouldsmith Las Vegas, Nevada (Last seen in Odessa, Texas visiting relatives until running away, and New York City, New York with best friend Dale Roberts and his sister Henrietta Roberts. Lives with father in Newport Beach, Orange County) Lenny has the ability to control the unlikely probability of events unlike his twin-brother who controls the likely probability of events. He can cause unlikely events to occur or remain unlikely. He has the ability to cause a chain of bad events towards other people thus giving them "Bad Luck". Lenny is not proud of his ability because he says it has "cursed" him with "bad luck" as he controls "unlikely events" and "bad luck". He is a fluent french and italian speaker and is currently learning how to speak spanish. Lobij92
Kendall "Kenny" Drew Gouldsmith Odessa, Texas (Visiting relatives, lives with mother in George Town, Washington D.C.) Kenny has the ability to manipulate and control the likely probability of events unlike his twin-brother who controls the unlikely probabilty of events. He can cause likely events to stop occuring or remain likely. He has the ability to cause a chain of good events towards other people thus giving them "Good Luck". Kenny is proud of his ability as it has "blessed" him with "good luck" as he controls likely events and "good luck". He is a fluent spanish and french speaker and is currently learning how to speak italian. Lobijo92
Rowan Quinain, Jr. Chicago, Illinois Rowan has the ability of omnipotence, which works in a similar way to empathic mimicry. His extreme, heartfelt empathy with the rest of the human world when they experience hardships such as war and famine causes him to continuously absorb the abilities of all of the evolved humans in the world, without having to be in contact with or even having to know the person from whom he is absorbing powers. However, this seems to be affecting the rest of his functions; he has been experiencing decreased concentration, short term memory loss, decreased physical capacities, etc. Thrashmeister
Justin Zheng San Francisco, California Justin has the ability of matter detonation. He is able to convert the materials within something he touches to an unstable form, causing it to explode. His ability does not work on pure water. He holds a deep grudge against the Company, who took him from his family as a child and completely erased him from his parents' memories. Watchmaker
Joshua Tell Hell, Michigan Joshua has the ability to manipulate sound waves. With it, he can mimic any sound possible. He has great control over his ability and is able to vary its volume and frequency, allowing him to shatter objects with it. He first discovered this power when he used it to crumble the walls of an enemy's house. Watchmaker
Ajok Uganda A former child soldier now in the service of the Company. His name means "cursed by God." His ability is enhanced adaptability. He can become any sort of extremophile, surviving in areas of great heat, cold, pH, darkness, and any other extreme condition. He can also survive indefinitely long periods without food, water, or oxygen. His fight-or-flight reaction temporarily gives him great strength, speed, and endurance. If struck several times, he gradually becomes resistant to injury. He also has a powerful immune system. However, he is not immune to injury and can be killed if wounded quickly and severely. Watchmaker
Bernadette Croteau Paris, France Bernadette has the ability of plasma mimicry. She converts her body into plasma, allowing her to fly, interfere with nearby electric devices, and burn whatever she comes in contact with. Watchmaker
Luke Walden Unknown Enhanced senses and reflexes Hero!
Axel Shumacher Berlin, Germany Enhanced strength Hero!
Jono Keating Northland, New Zealand matter displacement Max