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User:Jenx222/Heroes:The Company/Issue 8 - New Town

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  • The group arrive in New York.
  • Arthur, Daniel and Angela track down Kaito Nakamura.
  • Kaito Nakamura agrees to join the group.


New Town
Volume: Two
Issue: 02-02
First aired: 13 January, 2010
NYC park.jpg
Written by: Jenx222
Story by: Jenx222
Edited by: Jenx222
Previous issue: Methods
Next issue: Blonde Bombshell
20th May 1961


The bus pulled into the station and came to a halt at gate 13. Unlucky for some, but not for us. This was a new beginning, a fresh start in a new town. New York what a magnificent city, buildings tower high above the city streets. It wasn’t what you could call a quite place. The constant traffic and noise all day and all night is enough to send the best of us insane, but its okay once you get use to it. We’d decided to split up and scour the city for a place to stay. Charles had a place nearby but it wasn’t ideal. Arthur had a contact in the city, a businessman named Kaito Nakamura. Arthur’s friend recently rented an apartment from him; his rates are apparently the best in the city.

“Ok, so this is the plan, Bobby and Charles, we need some capital.” - Arthur

“Not a problem.” - Bobby

“Me, Daniel and Angela will find Kaito Nakamura and see what property he has available.” - Arthur

“Excellent, let’s get to it.” – Charles

Bobby and Charles knew what needed to be done. Money was quite easy to come across when you’re with someone who can turn anything into gold. Me, Arthur and Daniel headed for Central Park West. There was a new development which had just been completed and was part owned by Kaito. If we were going to find him anywhere, it would be here.

“Hello Mr Nakamura, are you in there?” – Arthur

“Who is it?” – Kaito

“We’re here about an apartment, we’d like to rent one.” – Angela

Footsteps began to approach the door from the other side. The door slowly opened and revealed a young Asian man who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old.

“You’re Kaito Nakamura?” – Arthur

“Yes, is that a problem?” – Kaito

“You’re just a kid!” – Arthur

“I assure you sir I am more than qualified to be your landlord, now let’s get down to business…………….wait a minute, you three, are you “special”?” – Kaito

“What makes you say that?” – Angela

“I have a gift; I can see the variables in any situation and affect its outcome. I see you three aren’t normal.” – Kaito

“Yes we are different, we’re not normal.” – Angela

“Wow, you’re the first people with abilities I’ve ever met. The room’s on me and if there’s anything else I can help you with then just let me know.” – Kaito

“Say, would you like to join our little “organization”?” – Arthur

“What exactly does your organization do?” – Kaito

“We help and protect other’s like us, other “evolved humans” as we call them.” – Angela

“Sure, it’ll be good to put my talents to some real use for a change. Come on inside, we have a lot to discuss.” - Kaito

The group made their way across the hallway into the apartment. Kaito led everyone inside and Arthur was the last one in when suddenly, Kaito reached his arm out and blocked his path.

“You.” – Kaito

“What’s the problem?” – Arthur

“You’re different from the others, the variables surrounding people are in constant flux but yours seem to follow a consistent pattern………..I wonder………..It’s probably nothing, come on inside.” – Kaito

“Um ok, thanks.” – Arthur

Arthur stepped inside and turned around to close the door. The door squeaked loudly as he pushed it and a loud thud echoed down the hallway as the door slammed shut.

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  • This issue may be re-released if Kaito's ability is revealed to be different in the episode "Pass/Fail".
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