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Portrayed by Mateus
Nickname MateuS
Powers Symbol Manipulation
Aliases Utami S. Selva, Flaviano
Sex Male
Age 13
Date of birth April 9, 1996
Home Brazil
Occupation Student
Favorite quote "Fly, stop time, paint me a pretty picture! Do... something... unexpected!"
Favorite color Red
Favorite graphic novel Rebellion series
Favorite power Wall crawling
Favorite fruit Orange (juice)

I'm Mateus from Brazil.

"There are some of us and there are some of them; There are aliens and there are robots; There are flyer ones and there are invisible ones."


Shanti's ability

• "The Symbol protects people from the Shanti Virus." Theory:The Symbol
• "Ability to: Create random appearances of The Symbol." User:Referos/Symbol Manipulation

Ok. So Shanti was an evolved human who died from the Shanti Virus. Why her? Because she had an ability that could stop the virus. And that couldn't happen, the virus should not be stopped. So he, the man with the Virus Manipulation ability, had to stop her. Had to kill her.

Outbreak problem

8map peter.jpg

What's wrong with that image? It never actually happened. Since the virus was stopped, there are no bodies that Peter can look to through the glass. But, if Isaac painted, it has to happen. How?

First, in the Outbreak time line, Peter and Caitlin teleport to a evacuated Times Square. In the actual time line, they probably will simply appear there, in a normal Times Square. Then, Peter will come back without Caitlin. In the Outbreak time line, he comes back after seeing the bodies and wanting to stop the virus. In the actual time line, he probably will simply come back. If he comes back without wanting to stop the virus, the virus won't be stopped, and the Outbreak future will happen.

What's the solution?

  • Illusion. When Peter and Caitlin first teleport to a normal Times Square, somebody has to get into their minds and make them see a devastated Times Square. The illusionist will have to separate them and make Peter see the dead bodies though the glass.

Does it work?
+ Peter will want to stop the virus when he comes back.
- Does making Peter think he look though a window counts as Peter looking though a window for the prophecy?

The explosion painting didn't happen the exact way Isaac painted it.
But it really happened.


Sylar will kill Nathan and take his ability. Doesn't matter. - Sylar has learned how to take abilities without killing people.
+ He prefers to kill people.
It is significant that Mr. Muggles licked Claire's blood after her run-in with the garbage disposal. None. The term 'significant' is open to interpretation. What some consider significant, others may not.
+ Licking is significant to dogs.




June, 2009

  • Day 3: After concentrating against a teacher's sleep talk, Mateus's nose started to bleed. He was able to get out of the classroom and stop the bleed, because teacher's company didn't allowed teacher to attempt to capture him if he wasn't asleep.