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The following fan theories are about The Symbol.

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Theory Citations Notes
The symbol is a mermaid. Teeval, a mermaid, tells Cúchulainn to carve her name and symbol on his shield. If he did this it would give him extraordinary powers. (Petrified Lightning) + The symbol looks like a mermaid, the top lines are the fin while the bottom lines are arms and the long line is the body.
If this is true then the symbol could have something to do with Barbara.
- Having a water related ability doesn't make it related to the symbol.
Barbara peformed as a mermaid.

+ Brody tells Claire at the bonfire that she draws mermaids in the margins of her books. The symbol can be found on one of Claire's text books. (One Giant Leap).
The symbol has been shown to mean various things. While this theory could be possible, it is most likely not the sole meaning of the symbol.

The symbol relates to the dragon in the story of Kensei and the Princess. Guillame tells his son the story of a serpent who ate a crane. In eating the crane, the serpent gained wings and was able to fly. Guillame sketches the symbol in the sand as he tells his story. (It Takes a Village, Part 3) + Dragons are often described as serpents with wings.

+ The dragon from Kensei's story is the only dragon that has been mentioned to date.

The symbol is meant to resemble RNA, which is where the abnormality lies, or just to indicate something to do with the abnormalities. None + The Symbol directly resembles RNA, but missing a rung, which might be the actual genetic abnormality.
+ In Lizards, Claire's science teacher says that the next step of evolution would be the removal of junk parts such as the little toe. It would be thematically relevant if powers are caused by the removal of a "junk" rung in the helix.

+ Sylar was noted to be messing with his DNA and probably RNA as well. RNA is also in the brain, which would make sense to this theory.

- RNA is in every living cell, in all organs, and in all species.

+ Production staff refer to the symbol as the "single helix".
- RNA is highly unstable, and its only last for a few minutes before being disintegrated. They could also refer to a "single helix" of DNA code which many virus have.
- In the picture of the the algorithm, the shape of the helix is defined by alternating Ts, As, Cs and Gs. The letters might represent the four bases that pair in DNA. Adenine (A) pairs with Thymine (T) while Cytosine (C) pairs with Guanine (G). RNA doesn't have Thymine, it has Uracile, which doesn't appear on the algorithm at all.

The Symbol is the logo for Yamagato Corporation's Genetic Research Division. None Kimiko Nakamura does mention that Yamagato has a biotech division. (Distractions)

- However, since both Hiro and Ando work for Yamagato, they would probably have recognized the symbol as a corporate logo, and not merely as stylized Japanese characters.

The different sightings of the symbol in various episodes were left behind by Hiro. None + After realizing the significance of the symbol and its relation to his ancient Japanese hero (Godsend), Hiro feels his calling to make this legend known to the world. Possibly after mastering his powers, he then travels back in time to the locations of several key events and leaves behind the symbol to promote Japanese culture to the Western world. His time-stopping skills would be crucial in this task, as he would have to tattoo Jessica and draw on Claire's textbook while avoiding detection.
- That doesn't explain how the tattoo shows up on Jessica but not Niki.

+ The Haitian could also have been in cahoots with Hiro on this mission; Hiro would leave his mark while he erased the memories of the victims of this prank, hence they would have no memory of NOT having the symbol existing in their lives.
It's highly unlikely Hiro would waste efforts in arranging shards of glass, stones, and pasta into the symbol, although other more definite occurrences such as Kensei's sword could be created by Hiro.

+ Hiro would do this to protect people from the Shanti Virus. (check "The Symbol protects people from the Shanti Virus" theory below).

Perhaps the symbol is left by a supercharged Hiro who's powers have been extended to allowing him to scatter the symbol through time and space to try and make something happen, or possibly prevent it. The occurrence of the symbol seems to be very much like the words "Bad Wolf" in series 1 of Doctor who, and this was a message scattered throughout time by a Time vortex powered Rose Tyler.

The Symbol marks evolved humans that work for the Company. The Haitian wore the symbol on a necklace and works for the Company. (Collision) + Jessica has it on her back because she is an assassin for the Company (Linderman being in a management position in this organization).

The symbol is on the cover of the 9th Wonders! comic book. The Company could be the publisher of this magazine.
If this is true the Japanese origins of this symbol suggests that the Company also originated in Japan.
- The Haitian has had the symbol necklace since before he began working for the Company. (It Takes a Village, Part 4)
- This does not explain incidental or background occurrences of the symbol.

The Symbol reveals, to the careful observer, that the head of the Company is actually Alfred Hitchcock. None +

If this is more than a coincidence, then it is almost certainly a reference rather than a plot point.

The Symbol has multiple meanings. None + The production staff and Tim Kring himself have said that the symbol represents a helix.

+ Ando noted that the symbol is a combination of two Japanese characters. (Godsend)

The Symbol can block or enhance a persons power. None + The Haitian wears the Symbol constantly around his neck and Heroes on occasion cannot use their power in his presence.
- This is more than likely mental manipulation.

+ Jessica, although she was seemingly normal, in joining with her living sister Niki, she displays a mark which gives her power which she later covers to camouflage her identity.
+ Hiro has the Symbol on Kensei's sword, which he claims to help him control his power.

- This is probably a mental thing. Hiro lost his confidence and optimism after Charlie's death. The sword merely made him feel better about himself and his mind was set.
- Kaito also states that it was Hiro's quest that returned his powers, not the sword.
The Symbol represents a division between people. None + The "S" line, could be represent a division or a wall, or even represent a way and distance, while the 3 horizontal lines represent people, in one side there is more people (or two kinds of people) and the other has less people (or a single kind of people).
The Symbol represents a division between people who are good or evil. None The single horizontal line is in the right side and is above the others, and could represent the (fewer) good, while the two others lines represent bad and inferior people.
if the two horizontal lines represent bad people, they could represent the bad humans and the bad evolved humans.
The Symbol represents a division between people who are better in one way and the others. None The single horizontal line is in the right side and is above the others, and could represent the (fewer) powerfully evolved, while the two others lines represent normal and inferior people.
If the two horizontal lines represent bad people, they could represent humans who are a majority.
The second line could represent the ones who haven't gained as much control of their power and died, like Sylar's victims.
The Symbol is a marker for evolved humans. It was used by the oldest of them originally and has since come to be their icon. None It marks their items. (Kensei/Hiro's katana)

It marks their bodies. (Niki's shoulder, Peter's arm)
It marks their endeavors. (Yamagato Industries, Petrelli's law firm)
As a note it's only a guess that they choose it consciously because they know it's meaning. Perhaps they choose it because subconsciously they know its meaning.

The Symbol protects people from the Shanti Virus. None + No one with the Symbol has been infected with the Shanti Virus.

Niki was infected, but Jessica had the Symbol. On top of this, the virus had already been changed, and Niki was cured.
+ The Haitian got the virus after giving away his necklace to Peter.

The Symbol marks those with an ability. None + The Symbol has appeared mainly around those with abilities.
The Symbol has no actual meaning. All its appearances are just coincidences. None + Not all plot elements have meaning.

- Its repeated occurrence, even back in the time of Takezo Kensei suggests it has greater importance.

The Symbol depicts a single helix and is a reoccurring synchronicity which somehow connects those individuals of "sai yo" (special talent, from God). The Symbol is also incomplete, but can be fully realized by rotating it 180 degrees and centering it over a copy of the same symbol with its usual orientation, so that top and bottom are level. Then, by duplicating this image and positioning it so that the horizontal lines (or bases) are interconnected, the single helix then becomes a double helix. This double helix can then be vertically stacked to create an ascending spiral formation which moves upwards diagonally left to right. Where the single helix symbol means "Godsend, great talent," the ascending double helix symbol means "God-realized," or, "Pathway to God". The implication being that the link between man and God can be found through the study of genetics. None +

The ascending spiral moving diagonally left to right represents human consciousness functioning from total possession by another personality or ideology (lower left/left-brain hemisphere) to Higher Consciousness (upper right/right-brain hemisphere); from total dissociation from ordinary consciousness (ego-based) to complete expansion into the Higher Consciousness (God-realized).

The Symbol is in the subconscious of all evolved humans and they have the subliminal urge to draw it or form it somehow. None + Several evolved humans use or notice the Symbol without having any logical reason to know about it.

+ This could explain why Jessica has a Symbol tattoo that appear out of nowhere.
+ Claire's textbook has it doodled on the side.
+ Chandra, the father of an evolved human used it on the cover of Activating Evolution.
+ Isaac uses the Symbol in several of his comic books.
+ Maybe the person eating the pasta on this photo is an evolved human. [[1]] Who doesn't like to play with food?

The Symbol is a single DNA helix that represents a link to the divine. It also alludes to those individuals who have been sent by God for the purpose of unifying/saving humanity from destruction. However, unless these individuals can realize this and find a way to coherently integrate and unify as a collective consciousness which is directed beyond selfish, individual needs (i.e. forming a healthy and damage resistant DNA pattern), the Symbol, instead of evolving beyond its current status, remains as an expression of the consciousness of separateness, disconnection, duality, selfishness, and ego. A state of consciousness that ultimately results in the destruction of humanity. None + Nathan's message from "God" that we're all connected and that only together can we save ourselves and the world. (The Second Coming).

+ The split planet paintings. (The Second Coming)

The symbol denotes that something important to the plot is about to occur within the story. None - It has appeared in almost every episode, and not in all of them something so important happened to the story.
The Symbol denotes a location. When rotated 90 degrees clockwise (from bottom of symbol) or counter clockwise (from top of symbol) it looks like two hills with two skyscrapers and a long vertical underground shaft. + Adam could have drawn it on his flag to remember him of his birthplace, or any other places he lived in.
The Symbol just means that an ability is about to be used. None - Hiro used space-time manipulation.

- Peter used induced radiactivity.
- ...and many others.

The Symbol is writing in Ogham script, apparently spelling "DB", or possibly "HDBB", "HL", or "HHLB". None + Ogham is an old Celtic writing system, from the first millennium AD. It consists of notches carved onto a line-- along the edge of a rock, or into a stick-- or simply ticks-marks across a line drawn on a page. The writing is usually read from the bottom up.

If read as such, The Symbol spells, in Ogham, the two letters "DB" (╨┬, that is, first letter ╨=D, second letter ┬=B). If the curved ends of the Symbol are read as notches themselves, then the it's HDBB (┴╨┬┬).
Occasionally Ogham is read top-down. In that case, the Symbol reads as HL (┴╥), or HHLB (┴┴╥┬), whatever they might mean.

If anyone is around the symbol, they are to die or to become hospitalised. None Many characters have such as Chandra, Peter Petrelli, Isaac Mendez, Hiro, Claire Bennet, The Haitian, Niki/Jessica, Future Hiro, Takezo Kensei, Sandra Bennet, Kaito Nakamura, Maury Parkman, Bob Bishop, Victoria Pratt, Usutu, Noah Bennet, Lydia, e.c.t.

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