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Name shifting
Hana Gittelman.PNG
Gittelman [sic] is a walking blackberry.
Held by: Various characters:
  • Alex Woolsly*/Woolsley*,
  • Ando Masahashi/Matsahashi*
  • Candice/Candace* Wilmer*/Willmer*
  • Charles Deveaux/Devoux*
  • Curtis Hovsepian/Hovespian*
  • Dale Smither/Smithers*
  • Felipe Acera*/Acerra*,
  • Gabriel/Gabiel* Gray/Grey*,
  • Hana/Hannah* Gitelman/Gittelman*/Gittleman*,
  • Lyle Bennet/Bennett*
  • Monica Dawson/Dawsom*
  • Noah Bennet/Bennett*
  • Pam*/Pan* Green
  • Sanjop*/Sanjog* Iyer.
  • Shenkar/Shankar*
Ability to: change one's name's spelling

Name shifting is the ability to:

  • add letters
  • change letters and
  • remove letters from one's name.



Alex Woolsly

Alex has demonstrated this ability by adulterating the spelling of his last name from Woolsly to Woolsley. (The Swimmer)

Ando Masahashi

Ando added a letter "t" to his last name, making it look like Matsahashi. (NBC's trivia)

Candice Willmer

Candice has shown to have great control over this ability, using it several times. Her name has been spelled as Candice (The Hard Part) and Candace Willmer (The list).

Charles Deveaux

His last name is spelled Devoux. (From the Files of Primatech, Part 2)

Curtis Hovsepian

Is Curtis's last name Hovsepian (The list and Prisoner manifest list) or Hovespian? (Elle's cell phone) He also altered the spelling of his cities' name from Grant Pass to Grants Pass.

Dale Smither

her last name is mispelled Smithers.

Smithers, are you sure?

Felipe Acera

His last name has been both spelled Acerra (The list) and Acera (Interactive map).

Gabriel Gray

Sylar's able to change both his name and his last name spelling. His name appeared as Gabiel on his Assignment Tracker 2.0 page and his last name has appeared as Grey on Stephen Canfield's page.

Hana Gitelman


Lyle Bennet

His last name was mispelled Bennett. (Credits of Genesis)

Monica Dawson

Her last name was mispelled Dawsom (Prisoner manifest list)

Noah Bennet

His last name was mispelled Bennett. (Ice Queen, Part 1)

Pam Green

Her first name has been spelled both Pam (The List) and Pan (Interactive_map).

Sanjog Iyer

Sanjog (Seven Minutes to Midnight) has changed his name to Sanjop (Interactive map).


Shenkar changed his name to Shankar (Credits of Don't Look Back and One Giant Leap)