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Could there be a difference between Symbol.jpg and Symbol2.jpg?
Is Symbol.jpg anyhow different from Symbol4.jpg?

What: What is the symbol on?
When: When did it appeared?
Where: Where in the world is it?
Symbol: How are the lines displayed?
Who: Who interacted with it?

  • A evolved human?
  • A regular human (at the time)?

What else: Did anything important happened?
+ A good thing to the person?
A regular thing to the person?
- A bad thing to the person?

Don't Look Back appearances

Issue #14 of 9th Wonders! cover

9th wonders.jpg

What: A prophetic comic book cover, printed.
When: Hiro finds it on November 8th.
Where: Hiro finds it in Times Square, New York, NY.
Symbol: Two up and one down.

  • Hiro is drawn in the comic book.
  • Isaac drawn the comic book.
  • Newsie sells the comic book.

What else:
+ Hiro folded time and space before finding the comic book.
Hiro discovers where Isaac lives.

Chandra's map

The map.jpg

What: A post-it note, probably pen.
When: Mohinder finds it on October 2, 2006
Where: Mohinder finds it in Chandra's apartment
Symbol: One up and two down.

What else:
Mohinder is founding out about his father's research.
Eden is spying Mohinder.

Peter's precognitive drawing

Peter's prophecy.JPG

What: A prophetic drawing, pencil.
When: Peter draw it on October 2, 2006.
Where: Peter draw it on his hospital room in New York, NY.
Symbol: One up and two down.

  • Peter draw it.
  • Isaac exposed his ability to Peter, and he draw it.
  • Nathan almost saw it.
  • Angela almost saw it.

What else:
+ Peter demonstrated Isaac's precognition for the first time.
+ Peter flies when arguing with Nathan. (See realization)

Future paiting

Symbol isaacs paintings.jpg

What: A paiting, probably oil.
When: Hiro finds it in November 8th
Where: Hiro finds it in Isaac's loft.
Symbol: One up and two down.

What else:
+ Sylar killed Isaac before Hiro arrived.
- Isaac died.
+ Hiro folded time and space before finding the paiting.
- The bomb exploded some time after Hiro finds the paiting.

The algorithm

Symbol the algorithm.jpg

What: A computer program.
When: Mohinder found it in October 2, 2006.
Where: Mohinder used it in his computer in his apartment.
Symbol: One on the left and two on the right.

  • Eden saw it.
  • Mohinder saw it.

What else:
Mohinder is founding out about his father's research.

The Walker's pool

Symbol the pool.jpg

What: Probably a pipe ("S") and yellow floating things.
When: Matt saw it in October 2, 2006
Where: It's in the Walkers' home
Symbol: Two up and one down.

  • Matt saw it.
  • Molly probably used to swim in that pool, maybe play with the yellow floating things.

What else:
+ Sylar absorved freezing from James Walker.
- James Walker was killed.
- Mrs. Walker was killed.
- Molly became an orphan.
+ Matt demonstrated his ability.
Molly is rescued by Matt.
- Matt is arrested by Audrey.

One Giant Leap

Activating Evolution

Activating Evolution.jpg

What: The cover of a book, printed.
Where: Many exist.
Symbol: One up and two down.

Activando la evolucion.jpg

What else:
Chandra published the book.
- Mohinder's father told him he shouldn't have read it.
+ Peter starts to understand his power.
+ Sylar started to be special after reading the book.
+ The teenage patient now have something to spend his time with.
+ Maya finds hope.
+ Bob can make Mohinder join the Company, using the book as one argument.

Claire's notebook

Symbol claires book.jpg

The map

The Haitian's necklace

Symbol mysterious mans necklace.jpg

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