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Sylar's apartment

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Sylar's apartment
Sylars apartment.jpg
Mohinder and Eden explore Sylar's apartment.
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

Sylar resides in an apartment in Queens, New York.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


One Giant Leap

Eden and Mohinder attempt to enter Sylar's apartment. They knock, but there's no answer. Mohinder produces the key that they found, but it doesn't fit. He pulls out a screwdriver and pries the door open. They enter a very neat kitchen, with a teacup resting on the table. Mohinder takes pictures. As they go further into the apartment, the walls are covered with book shelves packed with books - all impeccably orderly. Eden notices an anatomy book laying open to a page where the face is dissected. Mohinder bumps into a closet door, prompting him to inspect it. He finds a room lit by a string of light bulbs, and a map identical to his father's, only with more pins and yarn links. Going further in, he finds a more astounding sight. Painted in red letters (presumably in blood) are the words "forgive me" and "I have sinned," written repeatedly on the rough cement.

Later, when police are led back to the apartment, they find that everything is gone, and the apartment is completely cleaned out.


Gabriel is in his apartment, looking at a map of evolved humans as Elle, holding a pie, knocks on his door. She asks Gabriel if he likes pie, and notices the list. He casually dismisses it and throws it in the garbage, but she later retrieves it. Gabriel explains to Elle about his telekinesis, and demonstrates it by moving some dishes and throwing a fork into the sink. He says that the people on the list all had similar abilities. Elle tries to learn more, but Gabriel serves himself a piece of pie and explains that his power is addictive, but since meeting her, he feels he can be normal. Elle meets with Noah outside and he sarcastically comments on her fake sympathy.

Later on, Elle returns and cooks some ziti for dinner with Gabriel. There is a knock at the door, and Elle reveals that she invited someone to join them. Trevor Zeitlan enters and Elle explains that she thinks Gabriel should meet with others who have powers. Trevor demonstrates his ability as Elle expresses her admiration, driving a jealous Gabriel to slam Trevor against a bookcase in anger. Elle shocks Gabriel to stop him from hurting Trevor, but he pushes Elle away telekinetically and orders her to get out. Gabriel then holds Trevor against the wall and slices open his head. Elle runs across the street to seek refuge in the Company van, as Gabriel finishes taking Shattering. Shocked at what he has done, he runs into the back room of his apartment, leaving a bloody handprint on the door.

The Wall

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While in a nightmare, Sylar fixes watches to pass the time. When he hears a banging noise he leaves to discover the source.

When he returns, blood can be seen on the door. Peter follows him and the two argue.


  • According to Chandra's journal, Sylar's address is 1146 Trenton Place Apt 1B, Queens, NY 11011.
  • The ZIP code 11011 does not exist in the United States.


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